19 August 2010

Beer, Friends and Vinegar

There is nothing better then to spend time drinking....

While eating..


Nowadays with all our busy schedules sometimes it is just good to kick back, have some beers and cakap kosong with some good company. That is what we did a couple weeks back at Sid's @ Bangsar South. It was an ad-hoc meeting and we just decided after a stressful day at work, some alcohol in the system will be good for all of us.

We all had a great time just chatting and talking about or daily lives and of course my camera was happy snapping away. Starting to like to take people pictures.

I think this is a fantastic picture of Kel and I think he could have gone to be in a Guinness advert. However...

Right after I took that picture he malu pulak. On the other hand we got another friend which has completely no shame what so ever...

If you think that is bad. Wait for it, Wait for it.....

Still Wait a little more. Trust me it will be worth your wild. Make sure you are firmly seated on your chair to avoid any injuries.

Wait for it...

Told ya it was good right. Hope you didn't fall of the floor and begin ROTFL. I decided to do some artistic shots but after Michelle's impression of Paul Franks she was quite malu already.

Nothing really special right? However wait till you put a pretty lady in the picture.

Changes the whole picture doesn't it? Makes it a masterpiece. It would look as if that someone in the group also has an artistic expression. The follow set of pictures were not taken by me.

Check out that expression man. You might think that is priceless until....

Do not ask me what I was talking about with so much passion until both hands also up. Good capture of expression.

The last set of pictures were actually taken by Miss Teo Ee Von. *clap on back* quite artistic some of the pictures.


  1. Great pics once again! Man..those pics of the 'Ma lau' is priceless!!

  2. I *rotfl* even with your caution!

    Hey, Ee Von. Not bad at all!! :)

  3. Kel: Haha yea it is priceless. I had to post it up.

    Steph: Told ya it was good.

  4. Oh thank you thank you... *EV doing a mock bow* But hahaha... As much as I'd like to take credit, I must say its a lot to do with the camera and whole LOT of luck! haha...

  5. Haha. Camera is one thing. Subject is another thing.