20 September 2010

Food Glorious Food

We as Malaysian, we are passionate about alot of things but the most important thing is of course our food. We are surrounded by food all day all night and all kinds of food. Recently Amy and I took a nice drive up north of Malaysia going through Cameron Highlands, Penang and finally ending up in Langkawi. Here is a sample of what was making me fatter day by day.

The first stop on our journey is Cameron Highlands and you cannot go to Cameron Highlands without having some food at The Lords Cafe. This small little cafe is located on top of Marry Browns in Tanah Rata town. The entrance is just to the side of Marry Browns and you go there mainly for 2 things.

The scones are one of the best I have tried in Malaysia and maybe the best I have ever tried. It is nicely heated up and it crumbles easily. Eating it with the provided strawberry jam, butter and cream makes it the perfect combination. I am already drooling as I blog about this. They are also famous for their chicken pie which has an Asian twist to it. It is very fragrant with some kind of asian herb which I am not sure what it is.

This time around we were there during lunch time, so we also ordered a side of lasagna and french onion soup.

The lasagna was quite interesting as it had shredded carrots in them. It is quite an interesting twist to the dish. Never had shredded carrots with my lasagna before. The french onion soup was pretty good as well. It even has cheese in it. We were seated and a lucky table.

Another favourite food to have in Cameron Highlands is of course steamboat. It is one of the few places where you can have steamboat in Malaysia without sweating. Our favourite place for steamboat in Cameron Highlands is Highlands Steamboat. It is located at Brinchang town near Rosa Pasadena Hotel. It is not on the main road but the road behind the main road in Brinchang.

The best thing about Highlands steamboat is they use charcoal to heat up the soup.

The soup that comes at the beginning is already so sweet that you would think they put in alot of Ajinomoto. However we never actually felt thirsty after dinner. This is the 3rd time we have been there and it is still just as good.


The food was so good we walloped everything including the noodles and the soup.

Now back to Tanah Rata, we have been walking alot in Tanah Rata town and we saw quite a few people having the mamak food there. We couldn't resist and decided one lunch time to try it out as well. There are quite a few of them there so we decided to just walk into one. We ordered some naan with tandoori and also with some chick pea curry.

I never actually liked tandoori chicken because usually it is quite dry and the meat is quite tough. However to our surprise the chicken tandoori here was very soft and succulent. It enjoyed the tandoori for the first time in my  life. The chic pea curry was pretty good as well but could use a little more curry sauce and it was a little hard. Everything was washed down with some Masala Chai Tea.

Actually it taste more like teh tarik with only a hint (very slight hint) of Masala.

Amy actually read about this pretty good pancake place in Cameron Highlands. We couldn't really find it and had to get some directions from the hotel. We finally found it opposite the Maybank in Tanah Rata town.

Now the surprising thing about this place is that it is run by a deft and mute couple. I didn't know about this until when we were there and the lady took our order.

We had the banana pancake with a scoop of ice cream. It was really good as the banana was nice and soft and the pancake was drizzled with some honey. We also ordered the cincau which was I think going off a little. We didn't make a fuss about it, just didn't drink it and paid for it. The lady was too nice to make a fuss.

Our next stop was Penang but I didn't take much pictures of the food there. I was kinda busy eating and totally forgot about my camera :). However before reaching Penang, we decided to stop at AutoCity Juru for some tea time. We stopped at Segafredo for some coffee and sandwiches.

I think I ordered a Cafe Latte which was quite ordinary and we ordered a roast beef sandwich (croissant) to share. The sandwich was pretty nice and I was pretty surprised about it. I thought it would have sucked.

In Langkawi, one of the days we stopped at Troppo Co Coffee for lunch. It is a nice small coffee joint just before our hotel.

Now the cool thing about this place is that you have all the standard cappuccino and latte and all that. However they have 5 different blends of beans. I settled for the house blend and Amy took a different blend. Couldn't remember what is the name. This is one of the best cafe latte I had in Malaysia so far. It was a huge cup as well and we took our own sweet time finishing it. I also ordered a vege

Well all of that added to be gaining waist line and now I got hit the road and work it off. Dang.

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