23 July 2012

Incompetent Services By People Who Monopoly The Market

It is quite obvious from the title that this post is gonna be all about ranting and complaining. So if you are not in the mood please skip this post and wait for the next one.

About a month ago, after a heavy spell of rain one of the branch from my parent's neighbour's decided to flee from it parent tree and decided to drop on the phone line and hence breaking the flow of electrons which give us the ability to "bowl porridge" (chinese saying) and also surf the internet and "talk empty" (malay saying). 

It happened on a Wednesday and I reported it on Thursday morning. I reported that a branch dropped and hence severing the phone wire and asked someone to come fix it. My parents weren't home and they would be back on Monday. I was hoping that by the time they get back it would be just nice for the TM guys to come and fix it.

However I got no calls over the weekend and on Monday I called them up and complained again. Apparently they said someone tried to call me twice on Saturday but I never got any missed calls from them and I told them, please get one of your technical guys to call me so we can arrange to fix the issue. Never got a call again and I called again on Tuesday and the lady on the line can even say "Oh we noticed that you phone doesn't have a dail tone". This is when I got really mad and I have to say sorry to the lady on the phone because I blew up and told her from the first call I already told them the line was broken and they need to send someone there to fix the dem line. The good thing about my explosion is that it got things working because 1 hour later someone called me and said he was ready to come to my place to check the problem.

They came and the stupid thing is the fella checked the line and said "Oh you punya rumah terlalu tinggi dan tangga saya tak cukup dan insurance saya tak cukup". When my mum told me about this I was already freaking pissed off. I mean you are TM man, if you cannot fix it then who the hell is gonna fix it? The TM contractor told us to get our own contractor to fix and TM called me saying since the wire is internal that we need to engage our own contractor.

After talking to my colleagues, they said it was TM's responsibility to bring the phone line in no matter what. I called my mum again and she said the first TM contractor called another TM contractor which can do the job and they were coming at 6pm that day.

Guess what that fella never turned up and I was again pissed off and called TM screwed up them the next day, sent an email to MCMC and finally they fella came and charged us 100 bucks for it. At that point I have said in my mind that after my unifi contract is up, I am going to Maxis. Screw this useless, incompetent people and their business. 

After that I got an email from TM....

It was such a cookie cutter reply then they didn't even change the correct date on the email. Only after an hour they changed the date and sent me another email. This is how incompetent Telekom Malaysia are and we have to live with it.Ok enough complaining and venting anger. Back to normalself. Goosfraba!!!!


  1. FYI, when the Maxis contractor comes to your house for the installation, he will come with 2 TM contractors as the fibre optic line belongs to TM.

    1. Oh looks like my brother was right that Maxis using TM line. Crap

    2. Yup, as you've mentioned - they monopolise it!