26 January 2011

What is Malaysia coming to?

Every weekday morning my phone will start an annoying buzz at around 6.45. I will caress it and ask it to shut up. Then I ask myself why the heck am I waking up so early in the morning. I tell myself the motivation is to lose some excess baggage from the waist but the real reason is that if I am not awake in 5 min time my mum will be knocking on my door anyway.

So every time I go jogging I realised I am the only guy in our generation that is stupid enough to wake up so early to go jogging. Most people in my generation are either hip and happening and going to the gym or pigging out. Unfortunately I am way too broke to afford a gym membership and I think it is easier to just walk out of my house and start jogging then drive to the gym. People who are awake and exercising are usually the older generation. 

So it was refreshing that a couple a months ago, there was a young Chinese couple that started doing morning walks as well. They were not all that consistent but good enough at least 2 or 3 times a week. Good to see someone in my generation up early in the morning and getting their bloods pumping in other ways then on the bed. :)

Today while I was jogging, I saw the same couple but man I was shocked. The guy was carrying some boxes and I think to myself "No Please don't do it. Not your people to. PLEASE!!!" Initially I thought there were going to leave the boxes in the big dumpster because one of the neighbours is doing some reno. However on my previous pass through the reno-ing house I saw the dumpster was gone. Next time I met them the box was gone and guess where I saw it?

What is Malaysia coming too when even young couples are throwing rubbish on the side of the road instead of in front of their houses? What I do not understand is why can't these people just leave it in front of their houses or send it to the recycling center? It is just paper people, if you leave it in front of your house the garbage man will come pick it up because they can sell it. It is not rocket science. What kills me or kick my gonads about all this is that imagine if they are doing it now, what happens to their kids?

People always ask me, why I came back to Malaysia instead of staying in Australia? I always tell them, well Malaysia is not such a bad place to stay. Yes we have our problems but so goes Australia right? But I dunno man when idiots are starting to breed idiots and all the good people are leaving the country because of these idiots, what do we have left? IDIOTS!!!!!

I actually took an extra round so that I can meet up with them to tell them off. After the extra round, I didn't pass them and finally I saw them behind me, I turned around and walk the opposite direction and when I met them I said, "Good Morning. Excuse Me. I walk and jog around this area every morning, Please do not turn it into a DUMP." The guy actually started trying to justify himself and I just walked off. There is no justifying leaving trash on the side of the road. I thought after I told them off they will have the civic mind to actually pick up the trash and bring it back. However I was disappointed to see it still there after they walked by. I guess I will be the only idiot running in the morning again. I doubt they will come out again. Haha


  1. Jason, u should go tell them this, "Please do not try to justify yourselves. In under no circumstances that you should be reacting like a baboon. It saddened me that educated people like you is so uncivilized. But I reckon you have no shame. Good job man! Keep up that MORALITY of yours!"

  2. Wahaha. I pretty much did that by walking off and lifting my hands up in a sign that I do not want to hear their justification.

    The stupid thing is there is a Jangan Membuang Sampah sign and denda RM5000 and right below that there is a mountain of rubbish.

  3. good on u mate......lol....idiot breeding idiots....i like dat.....;)

  4. Aaron: That is what I always say about people who break the rules. Haha