21 January 2011

Chocolate God

I have to give thanks to bickering politicians that us KL-ians or at least people who work in KL also get Thaipusam as a public holiday. Seriously, I think that is probably the only good thing they have done for me ever. So on this gracious public holiday, the Wen Way asked us to go and check out Godiva cafe with them in Pavilion.

First before we go and have some chocolate goodness, we walked to Farenheit 88 for our favourite ramen store at Marutama Ramen.

A must for this place is to add the extra tamago, it is so good that it is always a constant in the bowl. Unfortunately I didn't manage to enjoy this bowl of ramen because I was on the phone trying to troubleshoot some work problems. 

Once we were done with the Ramen, we walked a little at Uniqlo and then headed back to Pavilion for some chocolate overload. 

Initially we only ordered 1 cake which is the dark chocolate Godiva cake. We kinda guess it must be the most popular one the menu.

This is actually not really a cake or should I say it is a half cake. Only one part of the "cake" was actually cake and the rest were kinda like mousse and the chocolate OMG. Complete bliss. It was topped off with a chocolate truffle. We had to split the choc truffle between the 4 of us because there was only 1 and it cost like 60 bucks for 6 pieces. That is how expensive the thing is. By the way the cake also cost 15 bucks per slice.

After quickly polishing off the cake, we decided that since we were all the way here already, 1 cake is definitely not enough to satisfy our needs for cake. So we ordered the second cake call the Opera.

Do not confuse it with the Oprah talk show personality. This cake I would say is nice but nothing special. It is like a multi layer cake with cake, cream, white choc and dark choc all stacked together. I think the most let down is that they use normal butter cream which makes the cake taste normal. Good but still too normal for 15 bucks cake.

I was actually down with some sore throat, cough and flu. However I didn't feel like taking anything hot and since we are at Godiva, had to get something with chocolate in it. My mum has been telling me about their Ice Chocolate drink. One of my cousin used to work in Godiva in KLCC and my mum tried it there before. So I ordered the Dark Chocolate Decadence.

I tell you this is one of the best ice chocolate drinks I have had ever. Basically it is the dark chocolate cake in a liquid form. I think it has ice cream, crushed ice and also crushed piece of Godiva chocolate. Seriously good cuppa chocolate. However I paid the price in terms of monetary terms (it cost 16 bucks) and also right after that my cough seems to get much worst. However I think in the end it was all worth it. A must try but not too often lar or not pokai.

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