19 January 2011

New Year 2011 Pictures

One thing I realised in myself for 2011 is that I am getting lazier and hence fatter. Couple of years back my camera is ever beside me and everytime it comes out, minimum 100 shots taken. Nowadays I would be lucky if i got 10. Anyway I brought my camera to Steph's place (thanks Steph for having us over for New Years Eve) to maybe capture the moment and the spirit of 2010 leaving and ushering in 2011. In the end Ionly took 4 pictures and none of them are of fireworks. Haha.

This was the calm scene of the last vestiges of 2010 before 2011 comes rocking into the party. Steph told us to be early because of parking woes so since the dinner was at 7pm we decided to be there at 630pm. Lucky this time the main dish was cooked by Steph's mum and not Sharon. So after waiting for an hour for everyone to turn up (which they didn't) we decided hack it. We eat first. 

The sun was already setting when the gang finally tuned up a full hour late. Lucky our tummies were already filled with the fantastic bryani rice and curry chicken Steph's mum cooked. It was so good I even tar pau-ed some for my lunch.

We had dinner, dessert, drinks, watched Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo to wait for the arrival of 2011. Finally as the clock strikes 12, 2011 came with a bang and I was so lazy, I wasn't even holding my camera. Instead I was holding my phone trying to figure out where the fireworks were coming from. After we ushered in 2011 only I remembered I brought my camera.
This picture of KLCC looks like a scene in The Mist. I was getting worried because the 3 girls I watched The Mist with was around me. Lucky after about 20 minutes.

The Mist disappeared. Phew. Welcome 2011 and wishing everyone a good 2011.


  1. Awesome shots, as always!! :)

    Thanks for ushering in the new year with me, guys!! *heart*

  2. Haha. Thanks. It was after thoughts unfortunately.

    Thanks for inviting us over.