09 January 2011

Food in Abu Dhabi

When it comes to food overseas, I can get pretty adventurous. It gets even worst when I head to a country that doesn't speak English. Lucky for us, everyone in Abu Dhabi speaks good English and we are able to order anything we like without fear. However it comes at a price since well it was pretty boring food.

First morning, Eng Park took us to go have some roti canai with curry and teh tarik. Guess what? He actually said 3 Roti Canai and 3 Teh Tarik and they actually understood us. So I guess Roti Canai is the correct word and not Roti Pratha like the Singaporeans like to call it. We also had curry and mutton curry to go with it and man it was good. The curry is fantastic but sorry never take any pictures. We left the place satisfied and ready for our adventures in Dubai.

One of the nights End Park decided to bring us to Marina Mall to have FuddRuckers. Again this is an American burger chain. I thought it was intentionally named FuddRuckers so if i say it out fast it enough it sounds like RudeF**kers. However after some research apparently it was founded by a Mr Freddie FuddRuckers. This place specialises in burgers and they have 1/4 pounders, 1/2 pounders and a whooping 1 pounder burger. Since was already pretty fat I decided to go for the 1/4 pounder swiss mushroom cheese.

The other cool concept about this place is first you get an open faced burger. Means they do not put the bun on top of the burgers and there is no vegetables or sauces. So like mine it came with bottom bun, burger pattie, mushroom. Then you take your burger and head to the salad and sauces counter and come back with.

Oh yea I had tomato slices, onion and pickles on one side of my bread and then on the other side, it was topped off with some cheese sauce, mayo and mustard and then a side of coleslaw. It was seriously good but the only thing is all the sauces were pretty mild tasting and after mixing all 3 all I could taste was the cheese. My friend Jason Phua ordered his burger with fried onions and after the salad bar treatment...

Drooling yet? In Ferrari world, we of course had Italian food and I had the beef lasagna. It was pretty good but the only problem was that it wasn't hot enough. It would have been great if it was hot. Sorry forgot to take pictures again. The rest of the lunches were food court stuff which doesn't need any pictures and finally on the last night we went for some "real" Abu Dhabi food.

We had bryani rice with ladies fingers, fried chicken, chicken masala, lamb chops and fried fish.

The grilled lamb chop was the stunner of the gang and the marinade was perfect. They must have marinated it over a couple of days because even the inside was tasty and juicy. Dare I say it, it is almost as good as my friend Allan's Mum's Christmas party lamb. We also had some free appetizers...

That bowl of fresh veggie was the only fresh veggie we had the entire trip other then Fuddruckers and the naan bread with Hummus was absolutely great. I could have just has the naan without any rice. All of the food was nursed down with some Mango Lassi and we were so full we didn't even have space for Teh Tarik which in Abu Dhabi is drank after the meal. This was the cheapest meal we had and the bill only came up to just over 100 Dirhams. Considering that the coffee we had at Sky Tower costed us 105 Dirhams. 


  1. what is the name of the restaurant that you had the roti canai, teh tarik and briyani? I am in Abu Dhabi now :)

  2. Hi I am really sorry but I didn't get the name of the place. My friend just brought us there and we walked in. Have fun in Abu Dhabi

  3. Those foods look delicious. I wonder if you could post the best affordable restaurants out there Abu Dhabi. We planned to go there some time soon. Thanks.

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