12 January 2011

Good and Early in the morning

After a thunderstorm the night before, usually we can expect to wake up to a nice and cool morning. In Malaysia it is very hard to get nice and clear sky. I think it is partly due to the pollution and also we are in the tropic which means we also get alot of high level clouds. However this morning was a totally different sight.

I was driving to work and day dreaming as I always do in the car alone, then I caught sight of...

That is the sight at the Sunway, LDP intersection. Then as I was driving down the Kesas Highway it was still a pretty great view. When I stopped to get some gas at the Petronas station.

The final picture as at the kesas exit.

Great morning to wake up to today. Exercise in the morning, kissed by a loved one and great skies. Have a good day ahead people.


  1. *hehe...muaks*...

  2. Steph: Thanks

    Loved One: Please reveal yourself. After my fiancee come and whack you only you know. Hahahahahah

  3. bleagh...:P...grrr