29 December 2010

Food in Dubai

We only spent a day in Dubai and since my friend is not from Dubai, he didn't know the good places to have food. So we just simple went into anything we feel like it. Food in Dubai isn't exactly cheap. Each meal averages around RM20-RM30 but maybe because we were eating in shopping malls and not the roadside stalls and "coffee shops"

We had lunch at one of the food courts and Dubai Mall. My friend was telling us this burger place is owned by Queen Latifah. However after some wikipedia, apparently she only owns a couple of franchises that is all.

Fatburger has this pretty cool way of ordering, when you make an order the lady at the counter will take your order and punch it into the POS System. Then once your order is confirmed and you made the payment she will shout out your order loud and everyone in the store will repeat your order out loud as well. Once in a while they will start singing. It sounds kinda lame but actually makes the ordering experience more fun. I ordered to the original fatburger with fries and they gave us this.

It a cute little road cone to tell the people serving what you ordered. I thought it was quite a nice touch compared to the normal numbers.

The burger was pretty nice and juicy. The only problem is that it taste almost like Big Mac. So there wasn't nothing special. My friend was telling me that all the burgers taste like Big Mac but I thought Wendy's 1/4 pound burger is way better then Big Mac's and taste different as well.

For dinner, we were at Mall of the Emirates and we decided to have dinner at this place with the view of Ski Dubai. We ordered food to share.

Unfortunately the food wasn't great. The chicken swarma was very dry, the peking duck wasn't all that crispy and the pancake to wrap the duck tasted more like naan. The pasta was pretty ok and the bryani was not too bad as well. It lacked a little of spice but it was ok.


  1. 1. Nothing is cheap in Dubai
    2. You shouldve tried the humus. I loved it! :)

  2. I thought the branded goods like LV and the likes are cheap.

    Yea i did have the humus but in Abu Dhabi. I always liked it. I am surprised you like it. Maybe should change my bacon and sausage appertizer to humus. So much easier to make. Haha