18 September 2012

6th Anniversary

Time moves extremely fast and time also heals almost everything. 6 years ago exactly on 13th August 2006, my life changed for ever. I think I posted on my MSN status the weeks before the 13th August 2006 was that I was in bliss and just before the 13th I also posted saying that I had to do something real important soon. In the end what happened was.......

What I did was to ask my then good friend to take a chance with on me and to be my partner. Fast forward 5 years after that and this happened....

Even after getting married, I think we need to keep the fire burning and we decided to celebrate our 6 years getting together anniversary at the last minute. I think only at 4pm we decided to head out for dinner and we decided to go to some place nice and we decided on....

This place is totally awesome not only for the food but also for the atmosphere. Check out how nice this place is.....

We were at ABC before but we only had drinks and cakes and since we were late and didn't have a booking we were put up in this really dark area of the restaurant. We decided to give this place another go since the food look really good and smelt good.

We decided to order an appetizer, a salad and also a main. For the appetizer we decided to go for something really out there and we ordered...

Grilled "bacon" wrapped snails with coco beans & parsley garlic sauce wrapped in turkey bacon. This was a seriously good dish. The most surprising thing about this dish is the turkey bacon actually tasted like pork bacon. It was nicely salted and it had enough of fats to taste like real pork bacon. The snails didn't have much taste to it but the parsley garlic sauce made up for it and the parsley garlic sauce really had a very nice earthly taste to the dish.

For the salad again we tried something that we don't usually have and we ordered the Chicken Fajita Salad which had grilled chicken breast, water chestnut and a honey mustard dressing. This is a seriously good salad I can tell you. The chicken breast was thinly slices and grilled till crispy. So it tasted almost like crackers. The water chestnuts was very neutral but it was very refreshing, However the 2 ingredients that made this salad a winner is the honey mustard dressing and the pomegranate seeds. The pomegranate seeds was just so refreshing and when you eat it with the honey mustard dressing you achieve very close to umami. The pomegranate was sour and slightly sweet, the honey was of course sweet and the mustard was a bit bitter and spicy. Not to be forgotten there is also some avocado which provides and added texture to the salad. This was a total winner for me and to me it was the best dish of the night.

The mains was Smoke Duck Breast Pasta  which is a simple spaghetti carbonara with smoked duck breast. This was again a nice dish. I am of course a bit bias since I love spaghetti carbonara but this was very nice and creamy. I always say that a spaghetti carbonara can only be complete with some real pork bacon but again complements to the chef for being able to mimic the taste of real pork bacon with turkey bacon. I totally love this pasta but unfortunately the salad still took the cake and was the winner for me.

We totally enjoyed our dinner except for the family sitting on the table beside us. The kids were I guessed schooled in the US and the oldest kid totally had no respect for anyone. I felt like going over to the table and smacking his face. When they left I was like "phew good riddance". After dinner we had to have their famous.....

Cempedak pandan cake. We had this the last time we were here and it was totally good. The cempedak has been mixed into the cream and just layered on some pandan cake and that is it. To add a bit of texture they put some crushed pistachio nuts on the side and no cake is complete without some....

It was a perfect dinner to cap off 6 years of our relationship. It is not easy to keep anything for 6 years especially a relationship. I am very lucky to have Amy as first my friend, then my best friend, then my partner and now my partner for life. I could not ask for anything better. Happy 6 years Anniversary (it is a bit late since been a bit busy) Amy Koh many more to come.


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    1. Come back to KL la we go IKEA makan and cakap kosong. Haha

  2. Congrats, JAmy!! <3

    PS. I still remember that MSN status. :)

    1. Thanks Steph. What I clearly remembered was the interrogation I got the day after. Haha

    2. Did I interrogate you? Noooooooo...

    3. Where you there at Ayunthia thai restaurant in USJ 11 on the 13th of august 2006? I remember I was interrogated by ppl like E hunt and mei foong. I swore you should be there also. Haha

    4. Oh yeah, I was there! I guess I DID interrogate you. Hahahahah!

    5. See I remembered correctly then. Haha.