05 September 2011

Steph-deka 2011

Now we had this whole grand plan to have a Steph-deka 2011 on Merdeka day. It was supposed to start with some tennis then chilling at the pool with some beer and then proceed to having a BBQ by the side of the pool. That was the plan, however a few weeks later we (Steph and Me) got lazy and decided we should just catch a movie, go for dinner and then see what happens after.

So that is what we did, we all meet up for Cars 2 the movie at Tropicana city mall at around 3.30pm. In the morning Amy and I were at our new place cleaning the house again. The movie was ok ok only to me. The original cars was so much better and that is quite normal for sequel movies anyway. After the movie, Wen Way left the group because they had to attend Saw Wen's brother's birthday dinner. 

Since we were still early for our 7pm dinner appointment, we decided to chill out at Bad Ass Coffee. That is when the camera finally came out.

Gim relaxing on merdeka day
Steph and her sad face because her iphone is not jail broken

EV trying to figure out how to use my phone
I was actually whatsapp-ing with Juin Wei from Singapore and EV decided to talk to him as well. Being a Blackberry user, she is not used to the touch screen phones and took a while to type. I think she was more stressful typing on my phone then doing her lawyer business transaction. She burnt through 20% of my batteries talking to Juin Wei for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Finally it was time for dinner and we drove to place-that-shouldn't-be-named.

See how the name of the shop in the picture above has been "erased"? Well it is not me that wanted it, I took this picture of the shop's name and guess what? Gim and EV actually told me not to tell anyone about this place because it is already so popular and if more people know about it, it will be even more popular and crowded. I tell you I got some fish monger friend there. Here are the 2 culprits.

Gim talking passionately about the food at place-that-shouldn't-be-named
EV giving me a smile to not reveal place-that-shouldn't-be-named
Now if you are wondering why they are such fish mongers about the name and location about this place, well it is because the food is really good. This place was first introduced to Gim by his boss and his boss comes to this restaurant alot. So much so that usually when the cook has a new dish, he will invite Gim's boss to try.

Due to this, Gim has also visited this place alot and knows the people there as well. So he ordered some special dishes which are not on the menu. There are a few more dishes he wanted to order which is not on the menu but you need to order it in advanced. This is what Gim ordered.

This is the special Shark's fin soup with Sang Har. See the orange things floating in the soup, well that is the Sang Har or big prawns. Gim mentioned to us this is one of their speciality and you won't even need to put in any vinegar or anything because the soup is good enough. I had to agree and this is one of the first time in a long long long time that I actually went for 2 bowls of shark's fin soup. It was DELICIOUS!!!!

This is the special Mongolian pork chop. I cannot explain how it taste like but it was peppery and creamy at the same time. Amy suspects they put in peanut butter which I did get a small hint of it. The pork chop was very nice and tender and the sauce was really good as well.

This is their famous "Ham Yi Fa Lam Pou". Basically it is pork belly with dark sauce, dried chilis and salted fish cooked in a claypot. Gim said that best way to enjoy this dish was to mix the rice directly into the claypot and ask the cook to heat it up again. However since it was for sharing, we didn't try it out. This is really good, the pork and the salted fish was cooked just nicely and when the claypot was put infront of me, my mouth started watering almost instantly. One of the best I have had so far but it was on the oily side. Most likely made it taste better because it was oily.

The rest of the dishes were normal dishes but still taste fantastic.

4 angled beans

Ying yong Chicken

Thai Style Tofu
The 4 angle beans was pan fried but it was quite different. I was surprised it has a slight sour taste to it when normally it is cooked with sambal. The Ying Yong chicken was basically roasted chicken on one side and then "pak cham kai" cover with some spicy salad-ish sauce. Very good combo and the chicken was very nicely roasted. Very flavourful and it was actually a last minute addition to the menu. Finally it was the Thai Style tofu. This looks like a normal dish but what surprised me is the tofu. Normally this this the tofu is the harder type tofu but to my surprised it was actually the soft tofu. Really good dish.

It was a great dinner and yea the restaurant was PACKED to the brim, as we left the place I think there were at least 30-40 people outside waiting for tables. If you didn't book, you got to wait at least 45-60 min for a table. Even with out "special privileges" and we booked in advanced, we wait about 20 min for our table. The entire dinner even with the shark fin soup with Sang Har came up to only 160 bucks. I think that is pretty cheap for what we had for dinner that night.

With out tummies filled and the night was still young, we decided to head to 17 Saloon at Sunway Giza for some...

Lychee Beer
Interesting right? Well it was so so only I think. It was beer with the slight hint of lychee. It goes well for the ladies because it was a little sweeter. We drank and talk out hearts out and after 2 barrel and 4 pints later most of us were drunk except Gim. We had one more barrel to go and he finished that last barrel. 

It was a good day out and we had to thank Gim for introducing to use such a nice place for dinner. Too bad I can't reveal where the place it. :)


  1. 1. I still don't know why it's called Steph-deka when the objective was to celebrate your belated birthday.

    2. Good company. Good food. Good laughs.

    3. What more could a girl ask for?

    4. :)

    5. Hope you had FUN!

  2. Steph: Well because it was suppose to happen at your place and I wanted to be low profile mah. Steph-deka sounded way better then Jason-deka. Doesn't jive well you see.

    I had loads of fun, loads of food and too much alcohol. My stomach grew 1 size that night. Thanks everyone.

  3. How bout Jase-deka??...muahahha

    It was truly a rare night indeed. IMO, one for the books...:)