07 September 2011

Film Film Film

Yay after many many many months of waiting for my films to be scanned, my finally Fuji Superia ISO 400 has been finally scanned and passed back to me. I have been most of my life shooting with digital but about 3 years back I bought a 300 bucks film SLR and been shooting it on and off. It still amazes me how sharp film is compared to digital. I have have my Canon 70-200 F4 for little over 2 years now and I always complained that at the 200mm range it is a bit soft and also the colors are always over exposed.

I was surprised at the results that I got shooting with my 70-200mm with my EOS50. It produced some seriously sharp result and the colors are not over blown as well. I think this is be contributed to the fact that film is much better at handling the dynamic ratio and details compared to my 5D.

As again when I head to Penang, my bro at I will go to our favourite lotus pond to do some photoshooting.

Brother was super ghairah and was all over the floor to get some shots of some tiny mushrooms. He had the benefit of a macro lens which I didn't bring. I did however managed to capture some pictures of mushrooms.

This couple of shots proved to me that the Canon 70-200 F4L is actually sharp even at 200mm. Both shots above were taken at 200mm I think. Looking at how the shot is framed. The second shot unfortunately is a bit front focused. It focused a bit on the front at the grass area instead of the mushroom itself. However it does looks pretty ok.

What is shooting at the Lotus Pond without a shot of the Lotus flower. We were lucky this time around as there were a few in full bloom.

The best thing about Lotus flower is the leafs as they are waterproof. We are able to capture some really cool "water droplets" and this again proves how sharp the 70-200 is at 200mm. I am still amazed at the sharpness of these photos.

Check out the little worm or mosquito larvae in the drop of water. The drop of water is super sharp and I am quite happy with the results. I didn't expect such a sharp picture and I only took 2 shots with different composition.

There was also a nice purple flower there right in the sun which made it easier to take.

I took this picture of the yellow flower that fell on the floor. It looks interesting because it was right above a wet patch on a concrete floor. The thing about this is that nothing in the picture is sharp at all but to me this shot still worked. It looked like it was taken using one of those old film camera. Somehow I like this shot and if it was too sharp, it would have given it a different feel.

The shot above is like because it is rotting leaf that fell into the lotus pond. It is just under the water and so happen the sun is shining just on it and nothing else. It emphasize it and majority of the background is black.

Last but not least is of course a picture of my brother's cat. However this wasn't taken in Penang, it was actually taken in Subang Jaya.

My bro and sis in law went overseas for a holiday and left their cat back at our Subang house. This cat a bit funny one, usually super afraid of me. One look at me and she run like she just saw a dog or a ghost. That happen the first 2 days she was at the Subang house. Then she realised that my bro and sis in law were not around, then she started to approach me to get her daily dose of manja-ness. I needed almost a week before she was comfortable enough to sleep while I was around. However in the end she still had this I AM ALWAYS WATCHING YOU look. Haha.

Love to shoot film, however it takes way too long to get it developed, scanned and finally published.

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