10 February 2012


One day out of no where Amy just told me that her friend's sister has opened a sandwich shop near Bangsar. Thanks to me studying in Australia, I love sandwiches and so I said why not lets go check it out. So we headed to Lucky Garden Bangsar and went too...

It is a nice half a shop at lucky garden Bangsar and very nicely decorated...

Very quaint and very simple and I am loving it. On on side of us were mirrors and we had some really good fun with it. 

I seldom do any like self portrait but I just couldn't resist this one...

Now down to the food, the sandwich at Crumbs were given some weird names.

When I read the menu for the "hot sammich" I knew exactly which one to order for Amy and I got her the Salmon Ninja and I had myself the I has Mary's Little Lamb. Not only did I has Mary's little lamb, I am gonna eat it as well. Hehe. We also order some coffee and the coffee came in some really nice cups.

The coffee you can choose between imported beans and also local Aik Cheong beans. We decided to go for the imported beans and unfortunately it was just so so. I think the cup was too big and they filled it up with too much milk. The coffee didn't have much coffee taste and since it was a friend's shop we told them about it and they will improve on it.

Next was the reason why we were there in the first place and....

i has Mary's little lamb

salmon ninja

The salmon ninja sammich was totally absolutely delicious. The smoke salmon was absolutely done to perfection and to top things off they had wasabi cream cheese. Now it may sound super weird but the wasabi wasn't hot but it just had a nice hint and hit of wasabi that was pleasant. The combination was just great.

I has Mary's little lamb was great as well but not as good as the salmon ninja. The lamb was nicely roasted and also moist. I like the best is the pickled onions and a slight very slight hint of mint sauced. It was complimented with the toasted panini and it was delicious.

Both sammich was complimented with a side of salad with a nice citrus vinaigrette and self fried potato chips. The Salad with its tangy citrus vinaigrette and pumpkin seeds was appetising and but the potato chips took the cake. It was thinly sliced and fried till crispy. Even then it wasn't greasy but very very very nice and crispy.

We were filled with the hot sammich and Amy was telling me about the chef's fantastic brownie and we couldn't leave Crumbs without trying it. So we ordered it and it came....

It looked like a very normal brownie topped with Vanilla Ice Cream but the proof was in the tasting. So we...

OMG I can tell you it was fantastic. They of course warmed up the brownie so it was nice and warm inside. The chocolate they used was very high quality and it showed in the taste of the brownie. Now when you combine the warm brownie with the high quality chocolate and the cold and milky ice cream. Well as Amy put it we were in brownie heaven. We just savoured the brownie till its last bit of flour, chocolate, milk and caramel.

They had some flowers for decoration and since I had a macro lens so decided to do some macro shots.

I think you would kinda get the idea that the red moustache was they signature and they showed it off to us.

Quite a few people that have come to the shop have taken picture with the red moustache. So I was really waiting for them to ask and when they finally did, we took it for them and more...

I would really come back to Crumbs for sandwich and the brownie. It was truly fantastic and you may ask where are they located?

Basically they are at lucky garden's opposite Bangsar Village 1. If you look across from Bangsar Village 1 you will see TMC and if you go 2 rows back you will see Alliance Bank and it is the same row as Alliance Bank. 


  1. The Christmas Kinda, mushroom soup & Caesar salad are good! But not the Choc + marshmallow.

  2. Why the choc + marshmallow not nice?

  3. Ok we can go complain. Haha. I think because the cup to big and they put too much water. Same problem with our coffee