05 February 2012


If the last book you just read is Facebook (quoted from Ju Kuang) then you would have noticed that yesterday everyone have been putting up pictures of eggs standing on its end. Yea, I couldn't help it myself and I decided to do it as well. However , when Amy told me about it, I remember somewhere back in my dust cob webbed memory that I heard the reason for why eggs stands up straight is because of gravity.

Picture courtesy of Bad Astronomy
Basically when the earth is at the summer and spring position, the gravity pull from the sun is the highest and it will make an egg do...

Apparently yesterday was the day according to Facebook people but I found out after some research that it is actually on the 20th March which is called Spring Equinox. Apparently it is a big thing in certain western cultures and it actually comes up on the news every year. However it is only during the Spring Equinox.

Further research and I found out that actually it is myth that egg can stand on itself on the Spring Equinox only. You can actually make an egg stand on itself on any random day of the year. It really depends on the freshness and content of the egg.

Some also stipulate that it is caused by some imperfections of the shell which allows for the egg to stand on its send.

So go out, buy a tray of eggs and try to make it stand. It takes a while and some patients but apparently you are able to do it any time of the day. MYTHBUSTED!!


  1. Not only did you make the egg stand, more importantly you made the egg SWEAT!! -______________-||

  2. Wahahahhaha. Yea it was tough standing when it shouldn't.