24 October 2012

Appalling Service By Astro

Oh yea, it is going to be one of those complaining blogs but it won't be for too long. Usually I never had any problems with Astro services but recently the Astro decoder at my parent's house died. So I called up customer service and reported the problem. It was pretty ok and the lady was very courteous to me and I was pretty impressed until she told me it would take 5-7 works days for me to get my replacement. I was shocked, that is appalling service response from such a big company. I would expect maybe 2-3 days but 5-7 days is just a tad too long. So do I get discount on the 5-7 working days my service is out?

That wasn't the end, as this morning I received this SMS....

I think this is even more appalling service by Astro and their installers. Since a billion telemarketers from Citibank, TM, Maxis and the likes call me everyday and try to sell me stuff, why can't the Astro service people make the effort to call me instead of me having to call them?

Yes they could think hey, maybe the person is in the meeting or not free to pickup the phone. However still you should at least give a first call and if the person decline or doesn't pick up you send a sms. I think this is truly appalling and it is just as bad as a break-up over SMS.

I think Astro as the sole provider of paid TV in Malaysia should buck up their service and reduce their leads times and also improve how their installers operate.

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