15 October 2012

Hope shall never be forgotten

Ever since I was young, I always wanted a pet dog. However when my brother was young he suffered from asthma and as a result we couldn't have any furry animals as pets. We only had fish as pets. My mum is also quite afraid of dogs so we never got a dog. However now that we are living in our own house, we decided to get a dog.

From the start of our pet discussion (which was years ago) we decided that if we got a pet, it would be an adopted pet from a shelter. So Amy went surfing the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better facebook fan page and we found out there was a adoption drive on Saturday at Jaya One.

We decided to go and have a look and we came back with a very cute little puppy name Hope. According to her foster parents, she was named Hope because she was the smallest of the litter and she was actually suffering from bad case of worms and almost died. However she pulled through and we brought her home to our home.

She was a couple months old mixed breed puppy with lots of energy in her. She would always greet us with delight when she sees us and she would whine that very "ke lian" whine when we lock her up for the night.

Since she is a puppy and we try to take her out for a walk in the morning and the evening, she would also sleep a lot but it is when she is sleeping we get some rest.

This little ball of fur really kept us on our toes and she was seriously like a baby. She would bite and eat everything and she would misbehave like any baby. We were teaching her how to behave but boy it was a hand full at the start. When things started to look better and we think we got her figured out, the next day she would have different tricks and misbehave again.

She is a very smart dog as well and knows how to use her cute-ness to our disadvantage and her advantage. She has this very muka sepuluh sen which she uses to allure us to give in to want she wants.

When she behaves or just as she is about to go to sleep, she gets to treat and we put her on our couch to sit or sleep with us....

She was a real bundle of joy and misery for us at the same time. We had her for about 2 weeks and after a while decided that she spends more hours a day locked in our dry kitchen then with us because of our busy schedule. So after 2 weeks we decided that it would be best that we put her back up for adoption for someone who could spend more time with her then us. 

So we went to another adoption drive which was also organized by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better at Summit USJ and Hope was adopted by another lady which already has 2 dogs and she adopted another 2 (one including hope) on that adoption drive.

Amy kept in touch with her and according to her Hope is getting along well with the other dogs. We are going to miss her very much and in fact we are missing her now. Our house seems just that a bit more quiet nowadays without her running around and annoying us the way she knows best. 

One day in the future, I think I am going to try to adopt another dog and try to spend more time and keep that dog. Still that day comes..... It will surely be posted on my blog. Hope we miss you very much and we do hope (no pun intended) that we made the right choice by putting you up for adoption again.

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