24 April 2012

Bangkok Day 1

I have "never" actually been to Bangkok before. The last time I was in Bangkok, I arrived at 10pm the night before and left at 4pm the next day after a full day of meeting and training. So I still consider myself a Bangkok virgin. After we got ourselves checked into Banyan Tree, we were thinking of using the Hi-Tea vouchers we got for free. Usually in Malaysia when you say Hi-Tea means it is like a buffet but in Bangkok it is really high tea. They serve you like little cakes and cookies with coffee and tea.

Since we haven't had lunch yet, we wanted something more substantial and decided to head back up to the club lounge. They serve food there for light eating like cupcakes, sausage rolls and sandwich or something heavier like pad thai, fried rice, tom yum soup, etc. We order the pad thai, tom yum noodles and some thai style fried chicken. The pad thai was quite disappointing and the tom yum noodles taste like instant noodles. The fried chicken was good and I was stuffing myself with the PORK sausage roll and also the smoked salmon sandwich.

After we had our tummies filled, we walked around the area to familiarise ourselves with the area. It was super stinking hot and even hotter then KL city. The sun was blazing and even with my sunnies on it wasn't enough. The last time I felt that my sunnies were not adequate enough was when I was in Abu Dhabi.

We waited till after working hours and we were joined by our dear friend Miss Ee Von. She has been loan to her Bangkok office for 3 months and boy it was great to meet someone familiar overseas. I always enjoy it more then someone who knows the place brings us around. First we had a bit of a chit chat session in the room and then moved our arses to well you guessed it the club lounge.

They started serving some light finger food and we accompanied it all with some wine, champagne and none other then Singha beer.

After our tummies were filled again with food and alcohol, I couldn't stand the hotel anymore and decided to head out of the hotel to walk around. We didn't have any place to go so we ended up going to Siam Paragon. Siam Paragon was a bit too up market for us and the prices aren't exactly cheaper then Malaysia. So Ee Von suggest we head over to Siam Central where they sell more local stuff. We walked for a couple of hours and our feet aching and tummies felling a bit empty. 

We just so happen to pass by....

What caught our attention about this place was the amount of people standing outside to get in...

We thought hey it must be pretty good and decided to give it a try.

Basically som tam is a thai specialty dish which is spicy salad made with unripened papaya. This place apparently is famous for it and I allowed the ladies to order.

The roast pork slides was especially good with the sauces that were provided but disappointingly small portion. In the picture it looks a whole load bigger. We also ordered a Tom Yum soup, Som Tam and a spicy glass noodle salad. The Tom Yum soup and Som Tam were pretty ok but what is different with this Som Tam is that it comes with fried pork skin. The spicy glass noodle salad was out of this world. We all expected it to be a cold dish since it was a salad but it came warm and that was a surprise to all of us. It was absolutely delicious not to mention spicy. Basically everything we ordered on the menu was spicy and we had to order an extra bottle of water to cool off.

After the spicy meal we had, we had to have something to cool down and we walked no more then 10 steps away and we arrived at....

As you would have guessed by now it is a shop that sells nothing but mango. After all Thailand is famous for its Mango Sticky rice dessert, so we decided to give it a try.

We ordered the Mango Tango + Extra Stick Rice, Mango Iceberg and Chinese Swing. The Mango Tango came with Sweet Mango, Mango Ice Cream and Sticky Rice. The thing that made this really good is the little crispy I don't know what on top of the sticky rice. Normally they would put sesame seeds but this was slightly different. The mango iceberg is basically fruits with mango ice cream and the Chinese Swing is Ice Plum Juice & Ice Plum Shake.

After dessert we were super fully and waddled ourselves back to the BTS station and head back to the hotel. Tomorrow we will be joined up with Chong and it is gonna be another crazy day out of food, meeting up with friends and shopping. Keep coming back!


  1. Best thing is some of the pictures were taken using my point and shoot and the blue skies is what made it hotter. Haha