16 April 2012

Blast from the Past!

On the coronation of the king, we meet up with Stephanie for brunch. The night before we were trying to decide where to eat and Steph suggest we should go back to the places we used to eat while we were in college. I thought hard and after about an hour of thinking I came to a conclusion that all the places that we used to visit are all closed or shifted.
  • TomYum Fried Rice (Best TomYum Fried Rice ever) - Closed
  • GTO Cafe (Chicken Chop rice and color drinks) - Closed
  • Tijuana (AirConditioned Coffee shop) - Closed
  • Twenty20 (Cheap chap fan store) - Closed
  • Burger King Carrefour (4 dollar whopper promo) - Closed
  • Tuna Twist (Sandwich shop) - Closed
After a while I realised that it has been close to 12 years since we left college and that is just under half of our entire lifespan. It has been a long time ago but anyway we finally ended up at Green Leaf for brunch. After brunch we were thinking where to go after and finally after a while we decided to go to a place which is Blast from the Past.

Where did we ended up?

Looks familiar? If you cannot guess what this is it is Plaster Fun House. I am quite sure most 80s babies will remember this and would have done it when they were young. Basically you buy a plaster shape of anything and you can paint it what ever color you want. I used to freaking suck at this compared to my bro. All my "masterpieces" is long gone and 3 of my bro's masterpiece are actually still in my Subang house.

Since I super suck, I decided to go for something simple and go for the Green Angry Bird pig. I mean how hard can it be right? It is mainly green anyway. However it turned out to be a disaster. It shows that I still suck at Plaster Fun House. First I was having issues that my pig had "hair". When I mean hair I don't mean like real hair but the paint brush strokes were giving the impression of the pig having hair. 

The next problem that I had was I decided to go crazy and outline the eyes on the pig...

The initial paint brush that I had wasn't pin point sharp enough and my hands were shaking like I was on drugs. Steph couldn't stop laughing and I told her that I will either fix it or make it worst. Lucky for me it did get a bit better...

At least now the eye brows are a bit more shapely, it doesn't look like the pig has eye bags and also the mata not so senget. Amy did a fantastic job with the owl she picked.

It looks a bit scary now because the eye hasn't been painted yet. However look at the details, it even has some yellow highlights on the lighter brown parts.

This one the black of the eye is painted but then it is not completely done. The left eye has a bit of light reflection but the right one is not done yet.

Once we were done with our painting, we sent it to be dried and they sprayed a layer of clear lacquer to make it shining...

Steph painted the boat and I think she did a good job as well. My effort pales in comparison with what the ladies have done. We will be back to this place so that I can paint the rest of the angry bird family. Hehe.


  1. 1. Your 3D painting aka pig hair was epic!
    2. Good job on fixing the disasters. I reckon that's your strength.
    3. Thanks for giving me my weekly dose of laughter.
    4. Thanks for the compliment. Hope you like your house colding gift! ;)
    5. Let's go again! :)

  2. GSC wanna go too!!!!

    JT, me no likey on the first attempt to paint but super like after GA got fixed. Recovery Disaster Director yo!!

  3. Stephers
    1. It was the bane of my existence that morning ok
    2. Phew lucky it turned out ok
    3. No problem just call when you need it
    4. Love it but have to find a nice box for it
    5. Lets go with GSC so I can complete my angry bird family

    Sharon: Very lucky it was fixed ok. You should see how many brushes I took

  4. The only one left is Peppercorn Cafe.

  5. I hardly went to Peppercorn during college days. There is still salmon steak. Haha

  6. Really? Didn't we go back then? Well, the cafe has changed hands, hence it isn't the same anymore.

    I remember the huge portions @Salmon Steak. Wilmund & Chi Wei used to love going there I think my regular dish was the chicken chop rice, Tom yum soup & watermelon jumbo juice. -__-"

  7. I cannot remember going there until much later.

    I know for Salmon Steak used to go there and eat the chicken maryland cause of the huge portions