02 April 2012

Open your hearts to the needy

Unfortunately we have to start April 2012 on a more somber note here at Hog's thoughts. I was told by Amy a couple of days back that one of her high school friend has another friend who recently had a stroke at the age of 29. It never really hit me until yesterday when Amy talked to me about it and I realised that shit I am 29 as well. 

However that is not the point of this blog post, but it is more to ask for the people who read by blog which is not a lot actually but I guess every little bit counts to open your hearts to the needy and especially open the wallet of yours. What I am talking about? Well maybe you should click this first. Basically one of Amy's friend's friend initially was thought to suffer a stroke but finally it was a bleed in the brain while jamming and had to go through a surgery to reduce the swelling in his brain. He is currently in an induced coma to help the body recover faster.

Apparently Alda is a big supporter of Malaysian Music and artist and it shows by the fact that initially the parents didn't want to accept any corporate sponsors but due to the deepening cash flow problems (they almost sold their house to pay for the bills), they had no choice but on condition that those companies will also put money/sponsor the local music scene.

Everyone nowadays knows the price medical and surgery nowadays. It is sky rocketing and even more so when you need to have a brain surgery and be in the ICU for days on end. So I know most of you would have just gotten you salary, why not just take a small part of that salary and help those in need? Just have to have one less expensive meal or one less pack of cigarettes or even one less pint of beer for the month and put the money up for a good cause.

If you feel like helping, please go click on this.

UPDATE: I was told by some that they are having difficulties doing and online transfer to the account stated. I have contacted them and they say they are trying to sort the issue out with the bank. For now please use PayPal or cash deposit into the account. Thanks.

UPDATE2: Direct cash deposit to the account confirm working.

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