30 March 2012

A Day in Nilai 3

If you see few post back, I wrote a post about us having lunch at Crumbs. While we were there, they were using some quite good looking cups and saucers. We asked Amy's friend where she got it from and she said she got it from Nilai 3. We didn't even know what Nilai 3 was but we found out it was a super big huge "Pasar Borong" (Wholesale Market).

We have been wanting to check it out for a while now and finally last weekend we manage to find time to take a trip there. We were super surprised with what we saw, IT WAS SUPER MEGA HUGE and there were like I think 100+ outlets there selling stuff. It sounds impressive but they do sell the same things such as carpets, furniture, wedding stuff, house decor, curtains, etc. Just a bit of a warning that most if not all the shops were catered to the majority race in this country.

However there were a few gems to be found there and we spent a good 3 hours there walking around and shopping for home decor stuff. Our main objective to go there was actually to get some bowls for soup which we do not have yet. We ended up with....

It looks like we just went to the wet market and brought back vegetable, meats and fruits. However after unpacking all the stuff this is what we bought....

We bought all that for RM244 and what is missing is 2 Claytan soup bowls which we forgot to put together. I would have to say we achieved our initial goal which was to get soup bowls but we came back with ah heck alot more stuff then we initially planned for. We went crazy buying home decor stuff. Some of them were ready to go but some of them "some assembly is required". 

We were walking around this place called KK home deco and I spotted this cool table decor. It would be perfect for our house since we do laugh alot. Can you guess how much this cost? It only cost us 12 bucks something. a steal if you ask me. We also got some simple flower decors for our dining table.

It is super simple decoration which is a combination of square short vase with some fake flowers. I like the different colors we picked out and it is sitting very nicely on our dining table. Amy went fake flower crazy and got....

I think we got like 40-50 bucks worth of fake flowers and a couple of hours of assembly later by Amy we got....

We didn't actually get the pot from Nilai 3 but it was actually part of our guest book at our wedding. I think Amy has done a good job and it will surely make our house more vibrant. Last but not least we got some crockery as well...

We got 2 huge serving bowls/tray and 2 tiny little casserole dishes. They are super extra cheap and the huge bowls/tray cost RM8 a piece and the casserole only cost 3 bucks each. I do not think they were made for eating but more for decoration. We have yet to figure out what to do with them yet and initially I didn't want to buy it because we didn't have a use for it. However Amy said since so cheap buy la. Ladies!

Anyway it was a quite a fun day in Nilai 3 and if you are looking to buy huge quantities of wedding stuff, fake flowers and a whole load more stuff, you can check out Nilai 3.


  1. Thanks for recommending Nilai 3. We will be visiting there!!

  2. Just to let you know, you might not find a lot of stuff useful since they are uh for the other race. Hehe Good luck

  3. Stop being so racist! So now you segregate things between those useful to Malays are those to Chinese??

    And what's with the "Other race"? You forgot how to spell malay?

  4. To "Anonymous" you are the ones being racist, the post writer were just trying to let the reader knows that the items sold cater mostly to malay and not much to non-malay. Geng, jangan la cepat melatah terus nak tuduh org lain racist.. Yg racist sebenarnya kamu.. Dah la penakut tak guna name betul.. Poodah