29 March 2012

Trip on the LRT

Many of your all should know that since I started working in KL, I have been taking public transportation to work. I find it a very pleasant ride to work and it is much less stress. There was one time I was right at the front of the train and instead of taking out my book and reading like I always do, I decided to just stare out the window and look at the sights and sounds that was passing me by. I was actually fascinated with what I saw and have always wanted to bring my camera to capture some of the images.

I finally managed to do it last week. First this first of course we must talk about safety...

One thing I realised in the past 3 months that I have been taking the train is that most people actually adhere to this sign. I rarely seen anyone stepping outside the yellow boundary. I have taken many picture of this and I still like it quite alot....

The station in itself gives a nice frame for the scenery beyond the station. Most of the time because the station is quite dark (by camera standards) and the outside is very bright, you get to use the entrance and exit of the station as a nice frame.

On the many occasion that I was not reading my book, I am always amazed at the buildings around the KLsentral area. Especially the ones just before entering the KL Sentral Station...

They are very modern looking and they are built around the track as if the track was planned and the  buildings were planned around the tracks. It makes me feel like I am no more in Malaysia but in a foreign country like Germany or Netherlands. The little dome shape building in the middle of the shot is filled with restaurants and cafes and they even have seats outside which overlooks the LRT tracks.

The exit to KL Sentral station is also just as nice as the entrance. Again here due to the contrast between the outside light and the inside light, we get sort of a framing going on. The only problem is there is nothing to frame outside.

Right after KL sentral station is the Pasar Seni Station. If you look out, you will realised some really cool graffiti.

It looks super awesome and bare in mind this is the walls along the Klang river. Last time it used to be just normal graffiti and about 2 months ago suddenly it was all painted over by a primer. I was thinking to myself, well looks like DBKL is coming to clean up the place. Then about last month these started popping up and if you look closer, it is more likely sponsor by Dulux since their logo appears on a few of them. I think it is pretty cool for Dulux to be doing this and it is almost like free advertising. All they need is to supply the paint.

After the pasar seni station, the train goes underground for about 3 stations and I usually get off at the KLCC station. There wasn't much things to take so I decided to do a long shutter shot while the train was moving. Check it out....

Never would I have thought it would come out that cool. Since it was so cool in the tunnel, I tried it outside as well on the way home...

Not as cool as the in the tunnel shot but ok lar. It gives the illusion of speed of the train. There were a few more sights that caught my eye but I didn't managed to take a picture of it. Oh well maybe next time.


  1. Love the tunnel shots!!

    Thanks for giving me a glimpse of KL I've never noticed before. :)

  2. I am also very surprised with the tunnel shots. I totally didn't expect the outcome.

    There is a lot more to KL even I never saw before. Now working in KL and walking around shows me a different view of KL for sure