21 March 2012

A Night to Remember

Ok this post has been a long time coming and by right it shouldn't have come out at all. It was one eventful night and it started because Amy had a bachelorette night and one of my heng tai was invited for the bachelorette night. She asked me why we do not have a bachelor night so I said ok we will just go for some food and drinks and hang out.

I decided to go to Dirty Nellies at Damansara Jaya. All of us were suppose to meet there at 7pm and have drinks and eat and maybe plan our plan of attack for the day I go pick up Amy on our wedding day. I left my work early and decided to go pick Steph from her place. I couldn't decide if LDP or the tropicana route through Ara Damansara would be jammed. In the end I took the Ara Damansara way and it was super jammed and was regretting that I offer to pick Steph. However, later it turned out to be the best decision I made that day.

Due to the jam by the time we got to Dirty Nellies, De Way and Gim where there and were on their first jug of beer. First thing they say is F***** you are late so finish the jug. Slowly one by one, my heng tais started to arrive and man they were thirsty. Check out Jack...

Who drinks from...

when you can drink direct from the jug. They were also hungry so we ordered our food and man there was a lot of food going around.

After dinner is when things started to go a bit wild. We were drinking jugs and jugs of beer, laughing, a lot of cussing. I mean ALOT and even Steph got into the groove after I think I cussed at her. In addition to that, Chong mentioned to the live band that it was my bachelor night and I had to go up on stage to sing Wonder-girls "Nobody Nobody like you". There was more cussing and more drinking and I think in general everyone had a really really really good night. 

It was until this Rasta lady came to our table and said that I should have a Flaming Dirty Nellies. Everyone said yes and well no choice I had to drink it. I was totally smashed and I puked once at Dirty Nellies (lucky it was into the toilet bowl), another 3 times on the way home (lucky outside of De Way's car) and maybe another once or twice at home. Why I said that me picking Steph up was the best decision I made that day was because she drove my car home and I was totally in no condition to drive home.

It was a heck of a fun night and I hope that everyone there enjoyed themselves too. We had I think 14 jugs of beers between 7 people, loads of food, way too much cussing, some singing, some dancing and a whole load of fun. 

It was truly a night to remember and I have to thank all my good friends for making it there. There was a heck a lot more photos and videos which cannot be showed on this blog. Hehe.


  1. 1. I'm still traumatised from all the swearing at me and from me that night.

    2. I can't believe how much you guys made me drink.

    3. Thanks for picking me up and you're welcome!

    4. When are we going again? Fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

  2. 1. It all started because of De Way

    2. I was kinda surprised at how much you can drink. So no excuse next time

    3. Without you and what happen to Jack and Gim's car, my car might not be there in the morning if you didn't drive it back

    4. Lets plan that soon. Hehe