20 March 2012

Valentine 2012

Now a lot of people especially attached guys sweat it big time when it comes to Valentine day. They have to spend huge amounts of money to buy chocolates, flowers, dinners and gifts. I always think that Valentines Day is a huge marketing ploy restaurant owners and florist came up with to make people spend more money on this one day. It is kinda like diamonds and how it became a sign of marriage.

Lucky for me my lovely wife is not into the whole Valentines day thing. It saves me a heck a lot of money and head ache. In fact the first few years of our relationship, we spent Valentines day apart in different countries. We usually "celebrate" Valentines day either a couple of weeks early or after so that we do not 
  1. Rush with everyone to have crappy cooked food
  2. Pay an extra premium on everything including chocolates
  3. Brave the jams heading to the restaurants
This year since we now have our own home, we decided to cook for Valentines day and enjoy it at home with a cup of Vino and a movie. We had some scallops that Amy's mum gave to us and it has been sitting in the freezer for a while. So we decided to make...

We had pan seared scallops with a mushroom and white wine sauce over a bed of mash potatoes. The mash potatoes was good and the scallops was slightly over cooked. The sauce was ok ok to me and the broccoli was way overcooked.

It was a good try but need to try and perfect it. I am so lucky to be married to a realistic wife and this dinner cost maybe 80 bucks and 60 bucks was spent on the wine. Happy Valentines Day everyone. I know it is kind of more then a month late. It is the thought that counts. :)


  1. Awww....:)...all these food is making me hungrayyy!!!....

  2. My blog is becoming a food blog. Mostly stuff about food one.

  3. Wahahhahaha. Alcohol is actually a by product of the food mah. Hehe