22 March 2012

CCL's Birthday

This blog post is very appropriate because the previous post was about his car. Not only that but he drove the Humber to dinner and he told us during dinner that he was selling off the Humber. If I had the money to maintain the Humber I would buy it just for sentimental reasons. Now on the the current post, we celebrated Chong's birthday on Tuesday at...

Chong absolutely loves this place and I have only been here once. The last time I was here was with Amy and her cousins. It was the first time I met up with Amy's cousins. It was raining and then the electricity kept cutting out but we finally got through dinner. This time however the electricity was on all the time and we celebrated Chong's birthday in style...

We started first with the Moet and since we were super hungry the alcohol went directly to the head for some of us. Then the food came and you should never ever let a hungry foodie i.e Jack to order food. He ordered...

Since there is a lot of food on the table let me go via a list:
  1. Char Siew - Very nicely roasted but the first piece I took was a bit fat and the rest was good. The dish went superbly fast as we were hungry and it was the first dish that arrived
  2. Salted Egg Bitter Gourd - I do not like bitter gourd and this was very nicely cooked. The salted egg that coated the bitter gourd masked the bitterness
  3. Claypot Rice with Crab - The claypot rice was just so so but the crab was really really nice. It was very nice, juicy and the claw was really huge as well. It was better then the crab with the glass noodle
  4. Pork Knuckle - Very nicely fried but very different as well. The reason why this pork knuckle was different was because usually the ones that I have had were either just fried or with a spicy peppery sauce. However this one was in a sweet and sour Thai Style sauce. Very delicious and a must order if you come here
  5. Glass Noodle with Crab - This was actually the opposite of the claypot rice with crab. This dish, I liked the Glass Noodle because it wasn't soft but it has a bit of a spring to it. Normally it is cooked with Vermicelli or noodles but ths was different and I liked it.  The crab was a bit dry and no as good as the claypot one
  6. Tofu - The tofu looked normal but it was pretty nice. They used the egg tofu but since it ain't circular, I think they made their own tofu and it was very nice and soft and tender
  7. Assam Fish - I think this was the star of the dinner. It was so good I couldn't stop having it. The fish was very fresh and the assam was nice and spicy and sour as well. Again this is a must have if you are coming
We had dinner with 4 bottles of beer and....

Picture courtesy of Pui Ling
After dinner we started with the Single Malt Whiskey and also the main highlight of night.

I cannot remember what Allan said but suddenly Chong went....

and I actually managed to catch this priceless expression and just as fast as the killer instinct came, they made up again...

Chong even fed Allan with....

It was again a really good night out with great friends, good food and good alcohol. We also learnt a new word tonight "Huurrloooken Guurrrleeeken". It basically means cheers in Finnish. We sang the Happy Birthday song to Chong twice that night. One time during the cake cutting and also just before we leave. He was so embarrassed. Maybe next year we won't celebrate it with us anymore. Hehe. Happy Birthday Chong!


  1. Everything was yummy!!

    Except for the drain smell...-___-"

  2. Wahahaha and you were the one seated closest to the drain