18 March 2012

Singapore Makan Revolution Part 3

Now this is where the real food comes because it is the weekend and our gracious host Juin Wei and Mei Kit took us on one whirlwind ride of good food and good drinks. We start off with something simple which is kaya toast and coffee at Wang's Cafe

Amy loves the coffee and Wang's cafe and really it is not too bad. The coffee is nice and rich and creamy but not that sweet. It is local Asian coffee which they brew in a "sock" and they add not only condense milk but also evaporated milk. After breakfast Mei Kit, went to her friends house warming party and Juin Wei, Amy and I went to Orchard Rd. We were walking around Tangs and we decided to go to Isetan. We had some scallops in a packet which taste really good but it cost like SGD100 bucks.

We walked out of Isetan and they were having a Japanese food fair. We could smell them roasting cuttle fish a mile away but what really caught our eye was....

It was only 3 bucks a cup and we couldn't pass up this opportunity to drink good booze on the cheap. So we ordered 1 cup each and this was before lunch.

Nothing makes us happy more then beer. Check out the happy faces...

We walked around Orchard until our feet couldn't walk anymore. We were still full from breakfast and beer but since our feet couldn't carry us anymore, we decided to head for lunch. Juin Wei brought us to....

Tonkichi Japanese Restaurant is famous for its Tonkatsu but the best thing about this place is the salad and rice is free flow. The salad is cabbage which is cooled till almost freezing and they usually give Japanese Roasted Sesame dressing. However Tonkichi is different and they change their dressing every month. They also provide sesame seeds which you are suppose to grind up by yourself and then mix with the Katsu sauce.

When you grind the sesame, you can smell the sesame for a far and it really smells good and appetising. We were kinda full so we decided to only order 2 plates instead of 3.

They are both kinda the same just that one of them has minced radish on the top. The standard one taste better as the radish makes the breaded fried pork (Tonkatsu) mushy and not crispy. Another thing that makes us smile other then beer is pork.

We took our own sweet time finishing off lunch and once our feet regained feeling again, we again went for more shopping. We meet up with Mei Kit for a bit but then split up again as I wanted to go check out some badminton gears at Queensway. I almost bought a 700 bucks badminton racket but luckily reality hit me and I didn't.

Too much walking means only one thing. We need more food and we come to dinner. We went back to Tampines Central and met up with Mei Kit. Juin Wei and Mei Kit wanted to bring us to go have some China chinese food and we ended up at...

This place apparently is famous for...

It is very good but man it was spicy. It goes well with the food and we ordered...

The food was absolutely superb. The only thing that was slightly disappointing was the pork knuckle which didn't have much taste to it. The braised pork intestines was really good. The flavour of the sauce was all the way into the inner layers and yet the intestines wasn't mushy and soft. The spinach with salted egg was also really good and surprisingly so was the bitter gourd. I do not even eat bitter gourd and I thought it wasted really great. The noodles was the rising star. I can't explain it but the noodles was really fine and fried to perfection. I was told that they opened up one restaurant on 1Utama. Maybe should go check it out one day.

We were absolutely stuffed and we went back to Juin Wei's and Mei Kit's place and had wine. Now that is the life. Good Friends, Good Food and Good Drinks.

Unfortunately all good things have to come to an end and part 4 will be the last part of our Singapore Makan Revolution. Stay tuned.

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