22 March 2012

You Beauty

There are many beautiful cars like a Maserati Sypder, Ferrari California, BMW M6 or a Mercedes SLS AMG. However nothing beats the classic and I was fortunate enough to be loaned a classic by a good friend of ours for our wedding day. Initially I wanted to use my uncle's Mercedes CLS350. However it was used  by my cousin for his wedding. Then my friend had a BMW 330 convertible which we took up to Genting in under 20 minutes. I was thinking hey it would be great to come pick Amy up in a convertible. Unfortunately it was sold about 2 months before our wedding.

However fear not because the same friend also has a....

It a Humber Sceptre. Now I am pretty sure many of you know of Ferrari or Porsche or even Lamborgini. I am sure none of you know what a Humber Sceptre is. All I can say is it is a beautiful car and I have to thank my friend for loaning this precious car for our wedding. You want to know how beautiful it looks? Check this out.

It is absolutely stunning and it has been beautifully restored by my friend. The car originally was owned by his mum and since then it has been in the family. My friend took the car under his wings and restored it in 2009. The  paint is still wonderfully nice and all the chrome are still shinning. Check out the side mirrors.

You do not get side mirror like that anymore. From the picture of the side mirror you can see how beautiful the paint still is. Due to the fact that we wanted to use it for our wedding, our good friend sent the car off to the mechanic to give it a good check-up before our big day. He didn't want the car breaking down on our big day. 

Check out the interior.....

The wood panelling is still there and also some of the original dials. The radio is obviously modern but who cares. It pumps out some great beats. This car in its original state would have to be hand cranked to start. My friend installed a fuel pump to allow it to be started like any other modern cars. If you look at the 3rd picture from the top, look at the shining chrome bumper and right in the middle you will see a small black hole. That is where the hank crank would go to crank the engine to life. It still works by the way as it was tested during my wedding day itself.

I have to say it was an honour to be sitting in that car going to pick Amy up. The car was the star of the show and I think there were a heck a lot of surprise faces when we rock up in the Humber. Even when I got back to my place, there were a lot of appreciative looks from my relatives who have not seen the car before. It truly made our wedding special and we have to thank Chong for that. Thanks for loaning us such a special car for our special day.

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