26 March 2012

Garrets Popcorn

The reason craze in Malaysia is the revival of Bubble Tea in Malaysia with Gong Cha and Cha Time. However another crazy craze that hit Malaysia is Garrets popcorn. I currently work at Etiqa Twins and for me to go to work I walk past the Garrets shop on the way to work and on the way back home everyday. On the way to work I can smell the sweetness of the caramel and the buttery butter and on a few occasion it gave me this "jelak" feeling. On the way home the line to buy pop corn is incredibly super long. On a few occasions there were more then 20 people in line and it is on popcorn. Not only that it is quite freaking expensive as well. The smallest packet cost something like 16 bucks per pack which is mad amount to pay for popcorn.

Garrets is basically a Chicago institution that has been making great pop corn since 1949. They are famous for their Chicago mix which is a mixture of their famous Caramel Crisp popcorn with with Cheese popcorn.

One day I left my office early at an odd time of the day and as I was walking pass Garrets, there were only like 3 people in line. So I decided heck what is Garrets all about and I decided to get a packet. A lot of people have been telling me the Macadamia Popcorn is very good but I decided to get their famous Chicago mix. It comes in a paper bag and the paper bag is really interesting.

One side of the paper bag says....

Which I feel is kinda weird statement to put on a paper bag and on the other side....

Inside the paper bag is where the little pop kernels of corn are....

It looks good and as I was taking the popcorn out of the paper bag, the smell instead of making me feel "jelak", my mouth was actually watering. Inside as you expected is a mix of yellow (Cheese Popcorn) and brown (Caramel Crisp) popcorn.

So here goes the first taste of 16 bucks worth of popcorn...

The first taste of the popcorn was well like any normal caramel popcorn really. It was nice and crispy and sweet but taste like popcorn you can get from GSC or TGV. The only difference is that the popcorn is very evenly coated compared to the GSC and TGV ones. The Cheese popcorn was very different. I think they use some quality cheddar cheese and it was nice and salty. However what makes it good is the combination of both the Caramel Crisp and Cheese popcorn that is magical. The sweetness of the Caramel Crisp and saltiness of the Cheese popcorn complements each other.

The crazy thing is that the more I eat it the more I love it. I still think that 16 bucks per pack of popcorn is a crazy price to pay for popcorn but once in a while I think ok lar. In fact while writing this blog post, my mouth is watering and I am suddenly craving for some Garrets. Haha.

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