19 March 2012

Singapore Makan Revolution Final Part

The final part of our Singapore Makan Revolution ends with brunch at Barracks at Dempsey Hill. Dempsey Hill used to be an army camp but now it has been converted to a slightly high class restaurant area. There is a lot of nice restaurant there and we have been there twice and on both accounts it is always packed.

Last time around we were there we went to Jones the Grocer and this time we settled ourselves for branch at Barracks.

Most of the restaurant here are nicely decorated and Barracks is no different...

We sat beside a full size window and the light filtering in was oh so beautiful. So my camera started clicking away. You  can obviously tell who are the cam whores and who are not.

This morning we were also joined by Jacin. However E Hunt was back in Subang this weekend.

Now back to the food part of this blog post. Barracks was bragging about their apparently best tau sar pau in the world. 

I think Singapore has an inferior complex or something. First they claim Laksa originated from Singapore. Then they claim Yee Sang also originated from Singapore. Now they claim their Tau Sar "pow" is the best in the world as well? What is next? Nasi Lemak? Nasi Kandar? Roti Pratha oh wait sorry Roti Canai?

I would rate this Tar Sar Pau maybe a 7.5/10. It was good don't get me wrong. The pau was nice and soft and warm and the tar war was smooth and not sweet. However best in the world? I do not think so. Maybe best in Singapore. We each ordered our own food and I had the eggs benedict.

The poached eggs was cooked right to perfection but what let this dish down was the Hollandaise sauce. First things was it wasn't enough and it didn't have the required punch to taste. The English muffin was however toasted nicely. Mei Kit order the Salmon Bisque...

It is basically a bisque with Salmon. It was nice and creamy and just some extra pepper it tasted much better. However I do no think many people can finish this dish. It was super creamy and can induce the "jelak-efying" effect. Amy and Jacin ordered the Barracks Big Breakfast.

This was also very good and the grilled tomato and mushroom had some refine spices in them and the toasted bread goes well with the eggs. Juin Wei ordered the Asian slider burgers.

The Asian slider comes with one side dish and Juin Wei ordered the fried sweet potato which is very nice. The Asian Sliders also come with a side of truffle fries. It looks good but according to Juin Wei it didn't taste so good. We also ordered a side of truffle fries...

I have to say the fries were fried till crispy but the truffle oil made it a bit bitter. I am not a fan of the truffle oil but the fries were really fried crispy and nice.

 We finished off brunch and went for second round @ Ben & Jerrys. Well only Amy had one because the rest of us were full but Amy couldn't come to Singapore and not have B&Js. After we had B&Js we went to Red Dot for some cheap SGD10 per pint of beer. Red Dot is one of the micro breweries in Singapore that brew their own beer. In Malaysia you can get them at Crafts Brews at the Curve area. Jacin was very thirsty that day and she was showing it.

Jacin had 3 pints to herself and Juin Wei and I only had some lemon tea. Hehe. I did get quite drunk and broke one of the Red Dot glasses. I think there was too much of this for me that day...

BUSTED!!!!! Anyway that concludes the end of our Singapore Makan Revolution and I have to thank Juin Wei, Mei Kit, E Hunt and Jacinta for bringing us to makan all the delicious food in Singapore. We only missed the Potong Pasir Tau Fu Far and Tong yuen. Other then that we had all our favourite food and more.

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