04 March 2012

Hong Kong International Airport

It is quite sad but I have been to Hong Kong 3 times and I never really went to Hong Kong. 1st time I was in Hong Kong was just a transit between Beijing and Taiwan. Second time which is when I arrived to go to Shenzhen. I arrived in HKIA, took a cab to Shenzhen and didn't really see much. 3rd time is this time where I took a ferry from Shenzhen to HKIA to take a flight home. Sad right? Next time I vow to stay a few days and check out Hong Kong.

Anyway instead of taking a cab from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, we decided to take a ferry. I was told by showing our Huawei employee tag, we will get some special discounts for the ferry. However when we purchased the ticket it cost RMB250 and we saw the normal ticket was RMB260. I was thinking wow RMB10 discount only? That sucks. However, as we was about to board the ferry I saw we got 1st class tickets and we were joking how 1st class is basically the lowest class.

However we found out when we got onboard that there were 2 classes and we actually got to go upstairs. We found out RMB260 was for normal class and 1st class cost RMB350 and we only paid RMB250. That is pretty cool and when we got to Hong Kong, we get to collect back HKD120 (every passenger gets this not only Huawei employee). The problem was I think normal class was slightly better then 1st class. Normal class each person gets a chair to him/herself but in 1st class it is bench style. They however do serve a nice cuppa hot tea.

When we got to Hong Kong we were famished and after walking around we decided to whack some dim sum. We were basically like 2 people that just got released from jail. We ordered a heck of a lot for 2 people...

What you can see on the table is:
  1.  3 pieces Char Siew Pau
  2. 6 pieces Siew Long Pau
  3. 1 plate of Steam Vege
  4. 1 plate of Char Siew Chee Chong Fun
  5. 1 plate of Siew Yoke
  6. 2 bowls of Porridge
and what is missing is:
  1. 1 bowl of Wantan Mee
  2. 4 pieces of Siew Mai
The Wantan mee was absolutely spectacular. The egg noodles was cooked to absolute perfection and the wantan was big and succulent. Check it out yourself....

Most of the wantan we get here in Malaysia is usually just pork meat but this one had a piece of fresh prawn which makes a hell of a difference. The Siew Mai was also super spectacular...

The porridge was also great but better with some pickled vegetable which we got as appetiser. It was so good with the appetiser we decided to order another plate of appetiser which cost HKD25 each. The Siew Long Pau and also the steam vege was pretty good but surprisingly the Char Siew Pau and Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun was a disappointment. We decided that anything with Char Siew was not nice. The Siew Yoke was just average but it cost HKD 115 for that plate. 

The best thing about this place is the tea. When we sat down, the lady brought a basket with 3 types of each and asked each of us what tea we wanted. Then she put it in a cup that is in front of us...

So each of us gets at "pot" of tea and they also put a flask of hot water on the table for us to refill. The chinese tea was really good as well. If you wonder where we were eating...

We were super crazy full that my colleague actually had to "download" right after our meal. While he was "downloading", I decided to take the picture of the restaurant name in the above picture. After taking that picture I saw this....

Ignore the porridge stain in the picture :) Must go try it at the Starhill Gallery and see if it is just as good as the Hong Kong version.

After lunch we walked round a bit, shopped around a bit and finally boarded the plane on the way home. Took some pictures while on the plane on the way home.

It was a good short trip to Shenzhen and Hong Kong but it is always good to get back home :)

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