07 March 2012

Singapore Makan Revolution Part 1

Well this post is more like a beer drinking post. My colleagues are like kids just travelling for the first time without parents. The first thing we did when we got to Singapore was to check into the hotel, have a simple lunch and head to the nearby supermarket. However instead of getting groceries, each of us got a 6 pack and this is what I got.

My favourite beer which is the Kronenburg. However this one was Kronenburg 1664 Blanc. The beer had a slightly fruity taste to it and it was pretty good. Most of us got 1 bottle and some had 2 before dinner. Then we went for dinner and finally ended up at....

Each of us ordered our beer....

and we played some pool. You know that the place is serious about their beer when they brew their own beer and all the decoration are beer orientated. Check out the sign to direct you to the toilet...

and on the way the toilet the wall was filled with....

After we finished our beer, shot some pool and went past the last call, we went back to the hotel and drank the rest of our bottled beer. We drank like 90% of the beer we bought and the only reason why we didn't drink the last 10% was because it was in the fridge in one of our colleague's room which went to bed early. While drinking the beer I realised the company that imported some of the beers...

Check out the email of the company. It is super awesome and I don't mind working in a company like that. Haha.

The next day we had some fast food for lunch. There is nothing better then MOS burger. I ordered....

The Yakiniku Rice burger is basically Yakiniku slices of beef with Rice instead of buns....

It is absolutely delicious and even if it is really small it was still good enough because of the rice. That is all for part 1 but be ready for the next few parts because it is gonna be killer. Hehe.


  1. dude the kronenburg blanc is essentially a white beer, similar to hoegaarden ;)

  2. And you wonder why we dub you as alcoholic?

  3. me alcoholic? watcha on abt *grins* btw happy belated birthday stephers!!! ;)

  4. DW: No wonder it felt familiar. I like the original kronenburg.

    Steph: No choice law. This is way we call "business". Haha

  5. @deluded: I was referring to Jason lah...-____-"

    Thanks!! :)

    @JT: Deluded is NOT DW lah macha...-______-\\

    You guys sure are confused!!!

  6. Whoopsss. Oh yea super confused. Sorry Aaron. For a while there I was wondering why DW know so much about beer. Haha