16 May 2012

Final Day in Bangkok

Finally the last day of our holiday is coming. As usual it was far too short and we ain't satisfied yet. Unfortunately time waits for no one and on the morning of the final day we woke up and were deciding where to have breakfast. Initially we want to check out how "normal people" have breakfast but in the end we decided heck since it is already paid for lets have breakfast at the club lounge one more time. 

Once we were done with breakfast, we once again headed to the BTS station...

The nearest station to our hotel is the Sala Daeng station and we were heading to meet up with Ee Von at Siam Paragon. You know what is so cool about the BTS?

Oh yea the trains are designed by the people who brought you such iconic cars like the Porsche 911 turbo, Porsche GTS2, Porsche Panamera and a host of other cannot afford in your life time kind of cars. 

We headed to Siam Paragon and after meeting up with Ee Von, she suggested we have a bit of a second breakfast at After You. Apparently she says the many time she passed this place it is always packed. Since it was just after 10.30am, it wasn't as packed as normal and we decided to try it out...

This place is apparently from Japan and they are famous for their special thick toast they call Shibuya. I as again allowed the girls to make the ordering and they came back with...

The first cake was I think a rocky road cake with ice cream. Basically it is a bit of chocolate cake with marshmallow inside and covered with chocolate sauce. It was very very very good and it wasn't all that sweet which is something that surprised me. The toast is the Shibuya Honey Toast and while it may look like a simple toast but it ain't. The toast was super thick but still crispy on the outside and very soft and fluffy on the inside. The mixture of honey, cold ice cream and warm fully toast was great. To washing things down we also ordered....

A cup of the so called World Best Ice Chocolate, Strawberry Soda and a Mango smoothie. I would say the World Best Ice Chocolate was so so only as I have had better. The Strawberry Soda takes a twist from the Italian soda where they use Strawberry jam combined with soda to make the drink. It was very nice and refreshing. The mango smoothie was nice and sweet but maybe a bit too sweet.

After finish off our second breakfast, we headed back to the hotel and packed and finally it was time to say good bye to Banyan Tree and more importantly to Ee Von. As we left the hotel on the taxi on the way to the airport we finally was plucked back down to reality and become "normal people" again.

Just before we flew off, I finally got to meet one of Amy's friend who is French by nationality but staying in Bangkok for many years.

Overall it was a very good trip and I totally enjoyed myself. We didn't do much of the touristy stuff, we got to live like rich people, we shopped like the Thai people, we got to eat authentic Thai food, we had lots of desserts and most of all we got to meet up with some good friends and they enjoyed themselves too.

I think Bangkok is a must come back even if it was just for the shopping and maybe the food.


  1. its always about the food....:P

  2. You didn't mention MASSAGE!! :)

  3. This time we only got 1 massage. There was much more food then massage. Haha