21 May 2012

Sunset in the heart of KL

Contrary to many people's perception, I am kind of liking to work in KL. Other than the odd summon I get while parking around Taman Bahagia LRT station, other than that there are loads of benefits. One of them is the incredible sunset we get coming into the office. Usually around 6 something to 7, the sunsets and you get this magical light shining on the buildings....

On the opposite side of this view we get this....

Normally I always take sunset pictures at the beach but this is the first time I get to take pictures of the city landscape. As the sun goes even lower things change for the better....

Last but not least is when I take the train home at the right time as just as I get off the LRT I get to see this...

The world is absolutely beautiful!


  1. Such pretty pictures!! :)

    Did you take them with your SLR?

  2. Yup all except the last photo which was taken using my phone

  3. Nice! The 3rd pic is screaming to be your cover photo on FB! ;)

  4. Haha. I dun think I have converted to timeline yet. Most likely one of the last few to do so

  5. Even my dad has converted, dude! *facepalm*