28 August 2012

Gangnam Style

Ok if you do not know what Gangnam style is, I think you have been living under some serious rock under some serious dirt. It is the latest  craze since Shuffling. The best thing is that it is so easy to do that everyone can do it. For those of never seen Gangnam Style here is the original video

Ok once you have see that you  can check this super parody out by the Fly.fm crew. Unfortunately the original is still da best but this is quite malaysian-ise which is like....

It involves the whole crew of fly.fm which is dem cool in my mind. They even did the Gangnam style in 1U wei. That takes balls. Hahaha.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA awesome pardoy by FlyFM Crew!!!

    1. Apparently going to appear on TV as well. Haha

    2. I'm still in the facepalm.jpg stage...