29 August 2012

Some people are just too greedy

More then a 3 year ago my Toyota Vios key fob was.....

Too much opening and locking car caused the rubber to wear out and create holes. I used the spare and after another 2 years of using the same thing happened. So instead of paying 85 bucks for Toyota to replace, I got my cousin-in-law to buy me replacements and I just replace the top cover. The original replacement only cost me 45 bucks each.

However about 2 months back the back part of the key started to disintegrate as well. So I decided to get the key duplicated as I already got the spares. I first went to Wisma Central to ask and they guy wanted to charge me 35 bucks just to cut the spare blank key. I think it was a bit too expensive and my friend told me to check out Carrefour Subang. Unfortunately their machine which can cut the car keys was broken. The 3rd place I checked was Mydin USJ and the stupid idiot wanted to charge me 50 bucks just to cut the blank key.

I basically said "Fark You" in my mind and walked off. I went back to Wisma Central but when I left my key there the boss which cuts the key wasn't there. About 2 weeks ago we had the super delicious nasi lemak at Village park and as we were walking back to our car I decided to go into one of the hardware shop to ask.

The guy told me it cost TWO BUCKS. Unfortunately I didn't have the spare and I vowed to go back to see if it was really 2 back. The next weekend we did go back and I did get my blank duplicated...

See how battered the back part of the key is. The hardware guy actually remembered me and he charged me 3 bucks. However I was so happy that it was finally done that I did pay the fella that extra 1 bucks. Some people are just too greedy to an extend that someone wanted to charge me 50 bucks for something I could have paid 2 bucks for. CRAZY!!!!!

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  1. Thanks for the head's up on how my key is going to look o.O