24 August 2011

Dear Malaysians

I just read this on soyacincau and I think it is one of those really touching videos that more and more companies are producing to celebrate Merdeka day. Most of them talk about how we should celebrate Merdeka day or talk about the less fortunate and how far we have come as a country. 

However this video by Digi is really good. Check it out first.

The great thing about this video like said in the soyacincau blog post that it doesn't make any reference at all to Merdeka or any cheesy jalur gemilang shots. However it shows the things that most Malaysians face such as attitude on the road, attitude towards the less fortunate, attitude towards Malaysian in general but shown in a different slight. However it is given a twist by shown people asking for forgiveness for the things they have done.

I think this is one of the main problems with Asian people is that they are too scared to lose face and hence they seldom ask for apology or say sorry because it loses them face. If you have done something wrong, man up and say you are sorry and people will thank you for it. I think if more people ask for forgiveness and forgive and forget, we will have less problems in Malaysia and Malaysia will benefit from it.

I think it is a very inspirational video that has alot of deeper meaning and I congratulate Digi for that. Well done. I like it and to tell you the truth, I teared abit towards the end. It actually touched my heart.

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