18 August 2011

A long time ago

I used to be crazy about photography. I still remember I think a good 3-4 years ago when I first bought my first DSLR. It was a Canon 400D and the crazy thing is I bought it on impulse. One day my mum just said "Hey Canon is having a warehouse sale at Peremba Square" and my bro and I decided to check it out. Couple of hours later I came back with a DSLR and 3k poorer. It was the first time I bought something in 12 Months Interest Free payment and vowed not to do it again. Unfortunately I did it again for my house reno. That is another story.

Anyway I wasn't really into photography until I broke my good knee and then was stuck in the house for 2 months. With nothing better to do, I took photography seriously and boom I am now 3-4 years later and my camera hasn't come out for I think a couple of months now.

One time I started thinking about what I can do while I am stuck at home with nothing better to do. I decided heck since I got a screwed knee, lets try to make another screwed up part of me disappear also. So I ended up with....

Yea it was a time when I was still using crutches to walk around. I think I still had my cast on and you can see how bored I was. After that I started to learn on how to selectively alter the color of a picture. I started out with some flowers.

Quite cool right? It brings out the subject that you are trying to take. After a while I decided hey lets move on to people and I did this.

Wah that was the time I used to have Ah Beng hairstyle which was styled by Wella Malaysia and Steph you had curly hair. Hahahahha. I like these photos because of the bright color of the clothes and the black and white of the rest.

Nowadays I just take boring photos and do boring editing. Need to start up my photography again.


  1. I curled it for that night only lah...gosh, can't believe it's been that long since your knee surgery.

    Remember the pics you took of the glowing MF? Good times! :)

  2. Yea it was good times when you all will lepak in my room instead of the mamak.

    Glowing MF?

  3. His knee thing...That was around Merdeka time as well...hahaha....its been what 2-3 yrs?

  4. I think about 3 years ago and yea it was during Merdeka. Haha