17 August 2011

When light turns into Day 2

My camera hasn't been out alot recently. I think it is because I am getting lazy and my camera phone is much easier to carry around. I need to take out my camera and go shooting soon. Yesterday I had nothing to do so I took a picture of the scene outside my car window just as I came to office and parked my car.

I took the picture and left and never actually thought what I would do with it. Then when I was about to go home I walked to my car, got into my car and thought to myself, hey look pretty nice out there so I took another picture.

Again I never thought what I would do with this picture. I do take pictures and it stays in the memory card or phone forever and sometimes it gets shown but most of the time it stays there. This morning while driving to work I thought about the pictures I took and decided to do this because here I am at WORK while half the country is sleeping or enjoying a public holiday.

The effect is not fantastic as the photo itself ain't fantastic. Suddenly I am thinking of where I can setup my camera to take some day to night pictures again. I will give it a think and Maybe do it once I find a suitable place. Stay tuned.

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