11 August 2011

Weird Stuff I take with my Camera

Nowadays with pretty much 90% of the phones sold have a camera, we tend to take more pictures. I know I do and I have collected a whole load of weird stuff over the year plus since I got my HTC Desire. The picture quality ain't great but it beats carrying a brick around and I always do have access to it. So lets begin with the weird stuff I take with my camera.

First is a pack of keropok that my colleague bought from her home town in Kelantan. Looks like any normal pack of keropok right? But look again...

There is a note on the packaging that says "Dijamin Tidak Gatal". I wonder if we gave this to all the sex offenders out there. Will it reduce their crime rate? Haha.

This is a picture Amy took while we were driving to Dungun. The sign on the main road says "Tak Rasa Bersalah ke...? Buang Sampah dari kenderaan anda?". Good try by the municiple council and kudus for trying but seriously, I do not think people who actually do such thing as well as jumping queue at a traffic light really feels guilty for doing it.

This pictures was taken at craft brews behind the door heading to the toilet. I just got out of the toilet and walking drunk back, I saw this sign and couldn't help but to take out my phone and snapped a picture to say that I just wasted 150-300ml of beer. To my defense, I was drinking green healthy beer and my pee didn't look green. So I am not part of that satistics.

This is what happens when you have 2 crazy brothers with nothing better to do. We were walking around my bro's place in Penang looking for picture to take and I got a great idea. That is where the picture above was born. Check out my big SPIKY head!!!

This is a picture I took from one of the SS2 traffic light areas near RHB. What made me take this picture is the sure kiasu-ness of the person who implemented the traffic light. There are 3 (yes top one also but it couldn't get the exposure right) lights all pointing to the same direction. Why you need 3? 2 I can still understand but 3???? I think that is way too much.

This one is really funny, while I was surfing the net, I found this place selling Android Phone Holders. I thought it was cute so I ordered one in. When I got it and while I was reading the box, apparently the phone holder also comes with URINE? I looked high and low within the box and couldn't find URINE. Up till today I am still wondering what the heck they were thinking when the printed this box. Hahahha.

This is the best key chain I have ever owned ever. I think it was a present I got from some of my friends and I used this for quite a bit. The key chain and not the condom of course. After I came back from Australia and started working, I decided that I needed to portray a professional image and shouldn't use this key chain anymore. Recently when I was digging around for the keys to my new place, I saw this key chain and it brought back memories. Nope the original condom was still in there and NO I never used it as well.

This pictuer also is dem cool, we were having tea and scones at T cafe in cameron highlands and they had a rack of books there. This obviously caught my eye and it is actually an autobiography of Jenna Jameson. For those who don't know this lady, I think she is the most popular porn star out there. I am sure 100% of the guys reading this post know who Jenna Jameson is. Unfortunately the book is not in english. I think it is like Russion or Polish or something. There was some nude pictures of Jenna inside the book and of course I took a couple of pictures. However, uh not so good to post it online lar. Never know who is reading my blog. Hahaha.
I am not proud of this picture and also not proud about myself for thinking about this but I couldn't resist and had to take a picture. When I saw this picture the first thing that hit me, is this the handicap toilet? Enough said. I am sorry for saying it. Don't kill me for it ok?

This sign I think is pretty cool. Amy was shopping and while waiting I saw this. Normally it just ask you to make lemonade. I think this advice is much much better. Haha.

This one is a picture I took at Diaso, first glance the first thought I thought was that it is a bottle of Soya Sauce. Turns out it is a bottle of Cola.
This is interesting, a couple of years back while we were in Australia, Ru Shyuan introduced this ointment to Amy. It is a ointment made from Papaya extract and it apparently is suppose to be some wonder ointment. You can apply it to cracked lips, dry skin, use it as a lip balm, apply to burnt skin, etc. Amy bought one and apparently swears by it too. I saw this recently in Caring Pharmacy. PaPaw by the way is Papaya by Australian Standards.

This is one MEGA HUMUNGUS watermelon. Apparently it is Taiwanese Giant Watermelon. Check out how big it is compared to my hand. If I could remember correctly, this gigantic watermelon cost something like 140 bucks. Who would actually buy such a huge freaking watermelon? CRAZY!!!!

This is my most recent picture which I took at a Japanese Restaurant in SS12 Subang Jaya. I ordered their coffee and it came with the smallest cuppa milk I have ever seen. It was just right for the cuppa coffee that I had but I found it a bit tought to pick up the cuppa milk correctly. Haha.

There you go, those are some of the weird stuff that I have taken with my phone. Hope you enjoyed it. :)

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  1. should've posted the pic of you drinking from that teeny-weeny cup of milk. Haha!