21 April 2011

Just being bored

I have been getting bored with my photography and it hasn't gotten any better. For some reason I feel that I am taking the same exact pictures and I have not taken a picture I have gone "Wow now that is a really good picture" in a very long while already. Couple weeks back while washing my car, I decided to be all macho and all and dismantle my car door to check my automatic window which has been leaving some oil stains on my glass.

Unfortunately after about an hour or so trying to get to the panel, I finally found out that the whole rig was actually behind a whole piece of metal which I am not able to access easily. I gave up but not after deciding to pop to hood and check under the hood. Then I decided to take my camera out to capture some shots.

That is the guts of my car and what makes it so fuel economical. Well that is what Toyota wants you to believe but in the end I think because the car is built as light as a tin can that is why it saves so much petrol. 

This is what generates electricity for the entire car and enables things like the radio and lights to work. It also charges this...

To allow for your car to startup every morning. 

I have no idea what this part is above but the only reason why I took it was because it got a Toyota sign on it. Wah lau advertising for Toyota kau kau. Now we go to what makes the car move when you press the on accelerator pedal.

The part above if I am not mistaken and I could be because like I know alot about car engines is the throttle wire. Basically when you press the accelerator paddle it pulls this wire and the engine revs.

Again no idea what the part above is but it just made a great picture that is all.

Yup my car's color is Phantom Grey 7457. So good of them to put it on the inside bay of my car and will allow me to pick out the right color if it needs re-spraying.

The part above is what activates the SRS airbag. If I am not mistaken that is either the accelerometer or the crash sensor. Basically it should measure the amount of deceleration of the car and if it reaches a certain limit it deems that you have hit something hard enough to deploy the airbag it would. If it is a crash sensor then basically if you hit something and the car crumples until it whacks this bugger, it will trigger off the airbag to save you life if you are wearing your safely belt of course.

Remember people, do not open this cap when it is hot. If you still plan to open it, well be prepared to cook your hands and maybe your head depending on where your head is when the cap is open. Basically that is the radiator cap and when the car heats up, the water and coolant combo inside the radiator boils up and become steam. So if you open it when it is hot, the steam will rush out under pressure.

This is the fuses that is under the fuse box, this will prevent any sudden surge of electrical power from blowing out all the lights and electronics in your car. Surprisingly the electrical power in your car is very "dirty" It is not a stable 12V but goes up and down depending on the revs of your car as well as the charge of the batteries. It is especially "dirty" when the car is first started up. It is advisable not to plug in any of those car phone charges when starting the engine. Oh yea it might blow up when you do since the surge of power is uncontrollable.

The system of pulleys above are the parts that turn as the engine turn to power things like the alternator to generate electricity and also run things like the A/C in your car. After a while I got really adventurous and decided to take out the top engine cover off to see what is inside. After the top cover came off...

What impresses me is the colored dots on each of the what looks to me like spark plug covers. What I think those dots represent are actually checks by Toyota personnel. So what I imagine during the production line, each stage of the production line has a different color. So once they put the spark plug in and cap it off, the fella will mark it with his/her own color. Once it goes to QC and the fella has checked it then he/she marks it off with another color and maybe at final QC the fella must check that all the colors are there and he/she check the part one last time and then he/she marks his own color as well. So if there are any problems they will know which exact section that didn't do their job correctly. All this is speculation of course and that is why Toyota is world renowned for its car manufacturing.

Last but not least is of course the dip stick to check the condition of your engine oil. It is important to check the condition of the engine oil as it is the engine oil that keeps all the parts in the engine well lubricated and cool as well. So if there are particulates in the engine, things starts to grind with each other and you might end up getting a brick of an engine.

Well that is what I do on a Saturday morning when I am bored and Amy is at work. Lame I know. Oh well.


  1. Thanks for showing me the part of my car that I NEVER look at! Hahaha!

    Anyway, mine's Arctic Silver. And now I know it's "Kanasai" Paint. *rotfl*

  2. For some reason i knew someone will comment about the Kanasai paint. HAhahaha

  3. And that person is me cos I'm so full of shit! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  4. Wahhahahhaa.

    I think the whole mangkuk group is full of shit. Hahaha

  5. Wow, this is a very interesting inside look, Jason! It's like you turned us all into miniature people and toured us to your Toyota car. LOL! Great photos, btw, and I like your speculation about those colored dots on the spark plug covers. I just wonder why the positions of the dots are not all the same.

  6. Thanks Hermine for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

    Well I guess it is not important they put it at the right place. Just on the parts they have checked out.