15 April 2011

Siew Yoke

Disclaimer: This post is full of pictures that could be offensive to people from other religions. If you feel offended by pictures of this nature please feel free to skip this and come back next week for a post of a different nature. For those of you who are not offended, please be prepared and maybe prepare a bip to mop up all the drool.

It is about 2 months from our ROM and about 7 months to our wedding. I also just took my yearly blood test and it came back high cholesterol and high uric acid. So in the past week or so, when Amy and I would look for food we will try to take the healthier alternative. So last weekend while driving along the LDP, we were thinking of a place to eat and Amy said well there is the Fu Kua (Bitter gourd) restaurant which is of course healthy. 

I have been trying my best to avoid this place because Fu Kua basically my nemesis when it comes to food. I will only eat Fu Kua if it has been forced down on me, unless it is the fried Fu Kua my colleague makes which doesn't taste like Fu Kua anymore. So we drove towards Taman Sea and just before reaching the Fu Kua restaurant, we saw the sign SIEW YOKE. As any self respective chinese person, we couldn't resist the lure of slow roasted belly pork which is so soft and juicy in the middle and yet has a crispy skin. 

We made the conclusion that heck tonight we are playing tennis anyway and we will surely burn off what we eat now. So lo and behold we were in the Siew Yoke restaurant. Oh yea we were also drawn in because while looking at the menu at the front, the waiter told us there was a promo where buy a small plate of siew yoke and get 2 bowls of noodles free.

Initially I was being greedy and was asking Amy if a small plate is enough for the both of us. However logics prevailed and we ordered the small plate of Siew Yoke and first to come was....

The chili sauce was actually pretty good surprisingly. It has the right balance of spiciness and also a hint of sourness from the vinegar. Amy was saying that they were using good quality vinegar. After some patient waiting and the next thing that came out was...

Yea we ordered a plate of tofu to "offset" the unhealthiness of the things to come. This plate of tofu also saved us from ordering the medium sized plate of siew yoke. The tofu was nice, soft and most importantly COLD. The main thing about this dish is the tofu needs to be cold and the fried garlic/onions have to be sufficient. Usually you will not have enough oyster sauce on top but this one had too much. Finally after somemore waiting the main dish arrived.

They had 3 types of Siew Yoke there and we order the melting gold roast. The best thing about this slab of siew yoke was that it wasn't very fatty. It had just the right amount of fat to keep the meat moist while it is being roasted and the skin was oh so very crispy. The meat wasn't really melting in our mouths but still it was very good tasting. Combined with the chili it was a really really really good meal.

The only thing missing from this meal is some beer. I mean beer with siew yoke is one of THE BEST combination to have while say at a pub or something. More pubs should serve siew yoke and maybe have a beer and siew yoke combo you know. We each also ordered the 8 treasures herbal tea and guess what? It had free refills. Now that is what I call a steal. Everything came in at 23 bucks and it was a very satisfying meal that probably contributed to why my tennis sucked so badly that evening. The fat from the siew yoke was weighing me down and making me lazy to run and swing the racket. :)

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