14 April 2011

Special Cat

My bro has a very special cat called Trippy. I think she has been featured on my blog a couple of times. However for those of you who don't know Trippy, well my bro found her wounded one day about say 2 or 3 years back. She was missing her tail and also missing part of her hind leg. My bro took her to the vet and 2 weeks later she became my bro's pet. Now Trippy is special not because she doesn't have a tail or part of the hind legs, but she is special because she doesn't act like any other cat.

She doesn't react to us calling her name or even this sound that Amy makes that sounds like a rat. Amy does it all the time and usually a cat will turn around and look, not Trippy however. I think it is due to the injury she sustained when she was young, she is very scared of basically anyone other then my bro and my sister in law. Even when I go to their place, Trippy will run at the sight of me.

About 3 weeks back however, she didn't have a choice since my bro and my sister in law were heading on a 2 week holiday and Trippy was left at our house. Initially she would run when she sees me, but about 2 or 3 days after my bro left. She started to allow me to scratch her and play with her. Guess in the end the loneliness gave out and she started to get really comfortable with me.

I noticed this habit she has where if I pulled my computer chair table out, she will jump on the chair and jump on the computer table to sleep. One day I decided to perform entrapment on her, I decided to prepare my "ka chang" and then once I was ready, I pulled the computer chair out and proceeded to play PS3 as if nothing happened. 5 min later she was on top of the table and I sprang my trap...

She was watching me intently as I got nearer and nearer to her with this big glass eye. All my charms and my scratching for an entire week finally paid off as after a couple of shots...

Her eyes were actually closing as she got used to the sound of my shutter going off. After while I could get really up close and personal with her.

She continued to sleep or maybe pretend to sleep while I went crazy and snapped like a paparazzi.

Once in a while she would "wake up" and give me that I am watching you even if my eye are close. Don't try to do anything or fear the sharp end of my claws.

However after about 5-10 minutes of me walking around here and taking photos she finally....

KO-ed on top of the table and when I got bored, I went back to playing games. I think the next time I go to Penang, she will still run away when she sees me. Haha.

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