08 April 2011

Penang Trekking

About a month back we went to Penang for a makan trip and also to visit my brother. My mum this trip was super gung ho and ask my bro to plan a trip to hike up penang hill. However the funicular still wasn't operational so instead of going to the main Penang hill hike, we decided to take a shorter route which should take about an hour and 30 minutes one way.

In the morning as we all woke, it looked like a very gloomy day and as we set off from my bro's place it started to drizzle. We decided to move ahead and drive to the place and if it is still raining then we just go makan. However luckily when we arrived at parking area, it stopped drizzling and the sun was coming out. We trekked up the hill stopping by some of the rest spots to see the view.

It was a tiring trek and since it rained in the morning means it was pretty humid as well. So humid I was sweating buckets and Amy took some evidence.

Suddenly it looks like I have very little hair on my head. After about 1 hour or so of walking we finally reached the first real resting point they called number 5. If you are early enough to arrive here, they actually server kopi O and teh O absolutely free. By the time we arrived, the kopi O sudah habis so we only had some teh 0. I had this bee which liked me so much it was flying all over me. Maybe I have some sweet sweat.

While we were resting and rejuvenating on the free teh O provided, dad decided to show off some of this Tai Chi moves on a huge rock.

Super bergaya and somemore got some back light effect from the sun at the back. After mucking around for a bit, we decided to head to rest stop number 3. This is where they actually serve free fried Bee Hoon. However since we were late there was nothing left of the Bee Hoon. So what to do, cam whore lar as usual.

After all the cam whoring, the sun was coming out and we decided to start walking down. However there are some who like to just lie down and have a sun tan.

There are actually quite a few dogs there just lying down in the sun and resting. As the sun was coming up, the clouds were dissipating and blue skies started to show.

Fuuwwaaahhhh almost look like the skies in Australia or something. Hehe. As we were walking down, we were actually being followed by one of the male dogs. It looked like it was actually leading the way right in front. My dad was at the head of the pack and the dog would follow my dad. When it ran a bit further in front of my dad, it would actually wait for my dad to catch up and walk off again. While my dad was accompanied by the male dog, we were accompanied by 2 female dogs.

To ward off the tiredness, we actually made up a story about how it was forbidden dog love. The 2 female dogs were in love with the male dog but the pack didn't like it. So they ran away so they could be together. I think maybe it was just the "thin" air on the hill.

On the way down, I took the opportunity to take some nature photos as well.

As we got down, we finally saw the funicular which wasn't working at the moment. Well at least it was the old funicular, the Penang Government was installing a new one which was suppose to be operational in April.

On the way back to the car, my dad saw some poles stuck into the ground and started to show off again. It was obvious that the younger Ting brothers cannot stand there and be upstaged by the older Ting. So we decided to accept the challenge...

First middle Ting (my brother) couldn't hold his stance. So Top Ting (my dad) decided to give him some pointers.

Fuwah after that steady like a rock man. So we all gathered our breaths and did it all together for one picture moment.

Look at that man, super rock steady from all the 3 of us. This is what the Ting Men are all about man. You know how I always say my bro and I do stupid things all the time and in the end he always get hurts? Well this time it was kinda different.

Wahahahha. See lar show off somemore. That is what you get. It was a good family bonding time. Need to do it more often actually.

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