30 March 2011

El Meson

Once thing I have realised in myself in the past couple of months is how unmotivated I am when it comes to taking photos and also how lazy I am. I would lug my heavy camera around and end up maybe take 1 or 2 uninspiring photos.

Once such occasion unfortunately is during Steph's 2011 Birthday Celebration which we all gathered at El Meson Bangsar for a feast. Sorry Steph for not taking more pictures. 

Anyway we all gathered there all 15 of us and surprisingly all of us were relatively on time considering it was a week day and it was during rush hour. As we sat down and the menu arrived, we were considering should we order individual or something to share. That was our first mistake because as we were doing that the chef came out, said hello to us, introduced himself and told us since we couldn't decide he will order the entire dinner for us.

All of us were drained physically and mentally from work and the jam, so collectively put our menus down and said ok. He began to tell us what was installed for us and he said for starters he will bring some tapas out and as we are having out tapas the paella will be cooking and finally to top things out a whole suckling pig. I think the majority of us thought hey that sounded really great and even I thought it was a great idea.

It was all good till the unlimited amount of tapas started coming out and man there were alot of tapas. We are talking about maybe 7-10 variety of tapas and maybe like 6 or 7 plates of each to be shared by the 15 of us. I guess the chef thought we had the appetite of the Ang Moh. We decided to cancel the suckling pig, much to my dismay because I was looking forward to that.

So we ate, we drank and talked and laughed and basically enjoy each other's company. Steph initially didn't want to drink but seriously how can you be the Birthday Girl and not have at least one drink?

Ju Kuang wanted to cam whore as well. So had no choice but to take a photo of him where he is the subject and not the foreground.

The chef must have known that it was a birthday celebration as he asked us who's birthday it was. With that we also got a "free" choc cake. Which surprisingly I don't think I got a taste. Then again small slice of cake shared by 15 people.

While we were enjoying ourselves, suddenly Steph called my name and said I need to take a picture.

It is Mei Foong's acronym but unfortunately it was the sign for the toilet. After all the food and the drinks, before we left we have to have a group photo.

One thing about the mangkuk-itis group is we can never keep a straight  face when taking a group picture. Check out De Way and the Tho-Tans.

It was a great night of good food, drinks and good company. It is days like this that my cholesterol level takes a battering. :) We had 27 plates of tapas and 3 huge plates of paella (Seafood, Meat and Mix) and a heck alot of drinks.


  1. Ahhhh...twas a fantastic night....:D....it was a 'friday-night-wannabe'!

    ps: I think i fed you a slice of the cake...;)

  2. Thanks for an awesome Spanish birthday dinner, guys!!! *heart*

  3. It was a great night and I had loads of fun. Too bad it wasn't a Friday or not the party would have gone on and on and on.

    Amy: Dun remember the cake. Haha