09 March 2011

Milestone for Hog's Thoughts V2.0

It has been 1 year 1 month and 18 days since the first post in Hog's Thoughts V2.0. So far there is has been 164 post and this would be the 165 post. I have had 4000 over page views, but those are not the big milestone. The big milestone is...

The picture above is the 2000th picture that was featured on Hog's Thoughts V2.0. I hope all of you have enjoyed the pictures I posted online. I hope to be able to continue to post better pictures only. Thanks everyone for reading.


  1. Congrats!!! I'm glad you joined blogspot cos I couldn't be bothered to leave comments in your previous blog (Multiply, was it?).

    I love looking at all the pics you post & here's looking forward to many thousands more!!

    Jason's "Ting" delights us always!! Haha!!

  2. Thanks Steph. Lucky you introduced me to blogspot.

    You blog still refers more people to my blog then anything. Top scoring referal sight somemore.

    I will try to make every shot a power shot! Haha

  3. Jason Ting Ting, Selamat Berjaya!

    I enjoy looking at ur photos! All are really nice and good. Some are really outstanding making me go ," WOW!! I wish I can take pictures like woman!...SIGH..."

    Keep them coming!! I may not leave comments all the time but I'm one of your top followers.. =)

  4. Wahahhaha. Thanks Ah Chan.

    You can if you bring your camera out more often