02 March 2011

Best Breakfast

One of my favourite breakfast to have is call Kam Pua Mee. What is it? Well...

You can say it looks almost like a bowl of wantan noodles and in actually fact it is very close to a bowl of wantan noodles. However it is very different because it uses egg noodles which is flat and there are 2 differences which is in a bowl of Kam Pau Mee, they use onion oil and also instead of char siew it is boiled pork slices. To make this already great noodle better, usually we put some...

The white looking liquid is a simple mix of vinegar and garlic. It gives a tangy flavour to the noodles and I always give it a generous go. Not everyone likes the noodles to go with the vinegar, my bro and my mum doesn't like their noodles with the vinegar. There is of course some sambal if you like to add a little spicyness to the noodles.

This time around my dad ordered some yong tau foo as well. First time I had yong tau foo with curry sauce.

The Kam Pau noodles is so good even my niece was patiently waiting for her noodles to come.

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