16 March 2011

Anson Coffee Shop

2 weekends ago Amy and I were driving around SS15 looking for a place to have lunch and finally we spotted this nice little cafe called Anson Coffee Shop.

We didn't have any expectation of this place because this was the first time we went there. We weren't that hungry because we had a pretty filling breakfast so we ordered light. I decided to go super old school and order a piece of U-tiow and a hot cuppa Kopi-O.

The Kopi-O was top notch, nowadays with all the cheap brands of coffee they are selling at all those "fake" kopitiam, it isn't easy to get a good cuppa local kopi. One of the best I had was on our trip to Dungun where we stopped by Kemaman for their famous Kemaman kopi. This one is comparable to that place. The kopi was flavourful and thick and with just the right amount of sugar. Kopi-O needs to be drunk with slightly a little bit more of sugar to bring out the aroma off the coffee but not the full bitterness of it as well. The Yau Char Kuai (Oily Fried Devil) was just ok. I think it was fried in the morning and hence when I had it for lunch it was soft and not crispy anymore.

Amy had a little of a laksa craving so she went for the bowl of Anson Laksa.

To our surprise the laksa was seriously good. This place prides themselves on their "lai fun" and they put them in most of their noodle dishes and it is really good. It has a "springy" consistency and it doesn't break that easily. The soup was fishy and flavourful and has the right balance of sourness and also spiciness. One of the better tasting bowls of laksa and I don't even like laksa to begin with. To top things off, it only cost RM3.80 and when you put things in perspective a small bowl of noodles at a coffee shop will set you back RM4.

We also ordered the Anson Chee Cheung fun to complete the meal.

This is no ordinary Chee Cheong Fun, it actually has some pan fried sengkung and "hea bee" inside and instead of eaten with sweet sauce, it goes very well with some pickled green chili. This again is a winner dish, the fried sengkuang and dried prawn combo really lightens up the dish and combined with the slightly spiciness of the green chili gives all the taste it needs.

Now comes the best part, we had 1 Oily Fried Devil and Kopi-O combo, 1 bowl of Laksa, 1 plate of Anson Chee Cheong fun and 1 extra cuppa kopi-O...

All of that is for a low low low price of only RM12.80. Remember we are talking about a cafe style place in Subang Jaya. The place is cleaned and well A/C and the staff are friendly. They had one wall of old black and white pictures and I realised the little kids in the photo look like some of the people there. We finally asked one of the guys there and we found out they are actually a family business and most of the people working there are part of the family. Later we found out it was opened by one of our friend's uncle. 

We will be coming back to this place for sure because the food is good and still relatively cheap. I encourage you all to give it a try as well. They are located near the newly open Ipoh Nga choy Kai restaurant in SS15 and a few doors away from Gastro Cafe. If you know Secret Recipe and Herbs N Food in SS15, go straight down almost towards the end of the road.

Anson Coffee Shop
10, Jalan SS15/4B, Subang Jaya

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