10 March 2011

Mangroove Swamp

I didn't know but near my hometown of Sitiawan there is a mangrove swamp which has been changed into a tourist attraction. I was left wondering how can a mangrove swamp be a tourist attraction.

I didn't expect much of this place because usually tourist attractions in Malaysia are usually not well built, not well keep and usually pretty crap other then maybe the cable car and Gunung Mat ChingChang in Langkawi. However I was pleasantly surprised that it is very well built and it is not as dirty as I expected it. They have built concrete and metal grating on top of mangrove swamp to allow you to walk around the place.

The best thing about this place was that it was actually relatively cooling under the trees compared to the outside conditions. It was a very very hot day but walking under the trees, it wasn't that hot and I didn't sweat profusely like a pig. If you are vigilant enough, you can actually spot quite alot of wildlife around where you are walking as well.

On the way out, there is a suspension bridge that allows you walk slightly on higher ground over the mangrove swamp.

We didn't hang around the bridge much because they only allowed 6 people on the bridge and just as we were walking towards the end there was a group of chinese family who completely ignored the sign and just walked onto the bridge. Stupid Malaysian people.

Just before we left the place, I saw this broken down tree and I couldn't help myself to add to my black and white collection.

All in all it wasn't that bad a place to check out for maybe say 30 min or so. Check out how important mangrove swamp is to our eco-system.

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