07 March 2011

Kampung Danger

Funny enough I heard this story about Kampung Danger from a male masseuse that was pounding my back while he was relating this story to me. One day while we has on the bus, an old lady came onto the bus and asked if the bus is going to Kampung Danger. The guy said yes but it will cost RM2. However the lady said no usually she only pays RM1 and the guy says ok you pay RM1 and when the stop comes you let me know. So off they went and in about 10 min time the old lady asked the bus to stop and the bus driver said why you call this Kampung Danger and the old lady said that the signs says Danger while pointing to a TNB high tension wire sign. Don't ask me how true this story is but the same guy told me "Badan anda lebih sangat lemak". No shit Sherlock.

Anyway we go from Kampung Danger to Kampung Selamat. This is a real place called Kampung Selamat which is about 20 min away from Sitiawan town. It is a small fishing village beside a small river. Last time when we were young my dad used to bring us here and we would fish from the top of a small rickety old wooden bridge. While were in the sun my dad would be at the roti canai stall right beside the bridge.

It has been a while since we went back and this time during Chinese New Year, I asked my dad to bring us back there to see how things have changed. Well the bridge is gone, the roti canai stall is still there and for some reason the river looks bigger now.

When we got off the car, the first thing that caught my eyes was the abandon Municipal Hall. I cannot remember seeing this while I was young, however I think it has been there for quite a while looking at the design of the building.

They have shifted the hall to a slightly more modern building right beside this one which looks almost like a school hall building. The river was uh well dirty and smelly but looks like there are still fishes in there as we spotted this...

It is a Kingfisher and as it names suggest, it catches fish from the river as food. We walked a little till we hit the small fishing village.

The best thing about taking pictures at a fishing village is you always for sure have a "walkway" leading to the river. As a photographer, we can use this "walkway" as leading lines to a subject. Note that the "walkway" is made out of old doors which was pretty interesting. My parents, my bro and his wife walked in the other direction and I decided to temp fate by walking on the door "walkway" towards the river.

I am never a fan of black and white photos, I always think with the invent of modern camera sensors and displays why go black and white when we can have millions of different colors? However the setting of this place combined with the bright sunlight and shadows made me re-think about black and white photos.

While I was taking pictures of the fishing village, my parents, brother and his wife walked into a shed which was selling prawns.

They are actually selling prawns to be as bait for fishing. Check out the size of the prawns man. They are big enough to be eaten by normal human beings as well man. They must be catching some huge fishes on the river. This place had a very interesting outhouse as well. I couldn't bear to take a picture of it without puking. Basically it is 4 wooden walls, 1 wooden roof and a hole on the wooden floor. Looking into the hole, basically you see nothing but the river.

On the walk back to the car, spotted a wooden house sitting on its own.

It was a fun morning at Kampung Selamat, and although the bridge we fished on was gone but at least the roti canai stall was still there and man it was packed with people.


  1. It's awesome!! *Barney-style*

  2. Thank you. Thank you.

    When you all come up for my ROM and if you want to smell the smelly river, let me know. Haha

  3. Let's go eat roti canai!! I'm hungryyy....

  4. Amy and I went to this new place called Sanskrit in SS14. Pretty good Roti Canai

  5. Keep up the black-and-white pix! Lots of fun to be had in a monochromatic shoot ;)