08 March 2011

Super funny

Most of you may know how NOT an Apple fan I am. However I do admit their products have a certain pull to them. One of the best things about Apple product is of course the how shick their products are and they just freaking work no matter what you do with them. Well there is only so many things you can do with them anyway. Yes yes my Android side is revolting. Back Bad Android back. This is apple time :)

Anyway other then the fact their product look good and they work, they also have a seriously fantastic marketing team. Steve Jobs no matter what you say about him has created a dream team of people who just work around him. Remember the days when Justin Long and his Mac Vs PC adverts?

Well while checking out the net today I across more cool Apple adverts. I was watching it in the office, yes not really working and my Android side was dying to take over but since my brain cannot multitask and boot multiple operating systems, the iOS won out. Check this out.

Got to love the marketing department of Apple. Go Apple. iOS shutting down and Android booting up again.

Apple Sucks!!!! The Green Robot without any Thumbs ROCK!!!!

*EDITED*:  My bad, it might not be an official Apple video. However it is still seriously good.

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