28 March 2011

Massive Weekend

I have not had a massive crazy weekend in a long long time. The last massive crazy weekend I had was a good 4 or 5 years ago. This is what happened.

Thursday: I walked into office and my boss tells me to drop everything you are doing now and create a demo which we need to show TOMORROW. That night I worked till 5am.
Friday: Woke up at 8 in the morning and was back to office at 9am and worked all the way till 6pm and it was a successful demo. I waited up for my bro to come back from penang and he got home around 11.30pm. Instead of hitting the sack both of us stayed up and watch Sponge Bob Squarepants the movie. We laughed our arses off that night.
Saturday: Woke up bright and early to go for my cousin wedding ceremony which finished about 2pm. Right after all that I went with my bro, my cousin and my bro's friend to Sunway to look for some modified car parts. 7pm we went for my cousin's dinner and finish the day around 1am.
Sunday: Woke up bright and early again and I went with my family and my cousin's family for breakfast. Obviously no one had a hang over and right after that I met with some friends and we went go karting. After Go karting we had lunch, talked till like 4pm or so and I went home and went into coma.

It was one of the best weekends I have ever had and till today I still can remember each and every detail of the data. I haven't had one of those weekends in a long time.

This weekend however comes quite close to that weekend.

Thursday: I got a last minute call from Steph to buy me dinner for shooting her event for us. We went to this place called Andes to have some pork burger. The burgers were really good as the patties were made from ground beef or pork depending on what you ordered and it was a good 2 inches thick. The pork burgers were stuff with cheese. I had the Aussie burger wrap which was beef and a piece of bacon on top. This is so not going to help with my cholesterol. After that we went back to Steph's place as we mucked about with her new TV and sound system.

Friday: We have made plans with another makan gang to go out for makan and single malt. We ended up at Damansara Village for some steamboat and the night came alive when out friend Chong turned up with a bottle of single malt. This is what it looked like at 8.30pm.

2 hours later and a whole beer tower finished this is what the bottle looked like.

The funny thing is we had a medical checkup the next day and we can't have anything after 10pm. We were chugging down satay and single malt like there was no tomorrow. I was super drunk that night from all the alcohol we consumed. So much so I couldn't finish my last cuppa single malt. Yea I know it is not good to waste good alcohol but if I finishes that last cup, I wouldn't have made it home. The last time we did my medical last year we also met up with this group to makan but it was after we took the medical. This year was before and still we had a great time. Next time guys we need to go for PORK!!!!!!

Saturday: We woke up bright and early at 745am to get ready for our medical checkup scheduled at 8.30am. As again I forgot I had to pee in the cup and first thing I did when I woke up was head to the toilet. Lucky Amy reminded me and I chugged down a whole load of water. We were done with the medical by 9.15am and we drove to Steph's place for some tennis.

It was such a success this time around as we got 8 players instead of the normal 4. This time we also got the Tho-Tan, Mei but not the Mon, Wen without the Way and out tennis professional Ju Kuang. Today was the first time we were treated to Marks tennis growl instead of a grunt. We had a solid 2 hours of tennis in the scorching sun before we adjourned back to Steph's place to shower and clean up. For lunch we went for some Bak Kut Teh in Kelana Jaya and we all went out separate ways after that. I went home to catch the F1 qualifying where Vettle completely blitz the competition and after the F1 I caught my bro's cat napping.

Amy, Steph and I met up again at around 6pm where we went to walk the Kiara Hills trail to prepare ourselves for our 10km Standard Chartered run. After that we met up with Wen-Way and Bee Chin for dinner at City Star restaurant where we had.

I saw the photo of this dish on Steph's blog and I told her we need to go have it. It didn't disappoint and we had a full dinner that night. After dinner we again adjourned to Steph place for movie night were we watched the fight scenes in 300 to get out bloods pumping, then we watched Italian job to get another type of blood pumping (at least for De Way and I) and finally finished the day off with some comedy with White Chick. We finally go home around 2am.

SundayVettle blitz the field and Massa got what he got for pulling such a lousy trick. Button had to serve a drive thru penalty and still ended up in front of Massa. After F1, I sent Amy home and then went for badminton in the sweltering heat where we found out we only had 5 guys on the court with no girls at all that day. We played a solid 2 hours of badminton where only 1 guy rested while the other four played. We were completely dead at the end of the 2 hours. I went back and scanned my laptop because I thought it had some bad sectors.

Does this indicate a dying Harddisk? Time to backup my stuff I guess. At 10pm I was so dead that I went to bed.

Looks like the cat had a full day as well as she slept on my mum's blanket. Someone is going to get a hurting when mum finds out and it ain't me. :)

Thanks everyone for a fantastic weekend. I really had a great time and we should do it more often. Aaron this is what you are missing out and when you get back, we should clear our schedules and go mad again. We all can't wait.


  1. Phew! I feel tired after reading this post and it's only 10:20 hrs!

    Thanks heaps for being such a good sport. It definitely works both ways! I will be organising more outdoor activities! Watch this space!! :)

  2. Wahahahha. Yea it was a great weekend. Thanks for much for having us for the entire Saturday.

  3. as mentioned on steph's blog, we're taking this to the next level when i'm back in may/jun!!....cant wait!!!...its gonna be legendary!!! ;)

  4. Wahahahha. Oh yea waiting for it man. We are training our tennis skills now. Hahahha

  5. Yeah, man. Now I feel the pressure. Gotta step up my tennis lessons yo!

    PS. Just had 2 hrs of lesson. I'm seriously gonna have a bigger right arm now. Wtf.

  6. Hahahhaha. All you need now is to master the grunt. Once you got there it is all good. :)

  7. I missed the fun AGAIN! DAng!

  8. De Way: Dude you should come man. Ju Kuang also had ACL and he is running around no problem wat.

  9. i'd second dat..come on stephers....oh btw....even out ur left arm with some weights? lol